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Hi, there, I need help from you all. I am a foreign Chinese. I will be relocate to Texas (Dallas/ Fort Worth area) at the end of this year (2009). Some brief background of mine: passed NCLEX-RN in 2002, got master in nursing in US in 2003, worked in nursing home for less than one year (till January, 2004), entered PhD nursing program in 2004 and will be graduating next month (2009). -------------HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS: (1) it seems that i am eligible for endoresement, because I had not practiced in the past four years and not taken and passed the NCLEX in the same time period. Anyone had the same case? What should I do next? (2) for a foreign Chinese, what long-term facilities would be a good start? -------------Very appreciate any help from you!


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Welcome to Texas. Try to enter an internship program with one of the larger hospitals. And seriously work on making sure your English is will improve you chances of acceptance here.

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It's a shame you aren't considering Houston. We have a significant Asian population & as a result, a hospitals are increasing their efforts to accomodate them. Memorial Hermann even has a dedicated unit at one facility - to provide culturally appropriate care for Asian patients.

Best of luck to you.

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Since the original poster had submitted these questions four months ago (October 2009), I certainly hope she has completed her relocation efforts and is hopefully settled deep in the heart of Texas by now.

Please double-check the dates of posts when conducting a search. :)


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Sorry. I didn't realize there were time constraints on replying to a post.

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There are no formal time constraints. The OP might be interested in new information if she hasn't yet found a suitable position.

I was intrigued by the fact that Houston has a sizable Asian population.


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About 250,000-300,000 Asian-Americans, with a good chunk of them either Chinese or Vietnamese.


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here is my update. i still chose to do the RN refresher and that took me 2 months to complete the lecture and clinicals (meanwhile, we were relocating to TX). I just got the temporary license yesterday (you can always check online and it will provide you the updated info). I started to look for job and will have an interview tomorrow!!! thank you all for the precious advice!!

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