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reliable review centers in the philippines

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I'm a fresh grad. and i'm about to take the board exam this december. Like me there are people out there who wants to know the best review centers here in the philippines, particularly in metro manila. We want to know the names of the top review centers, what they can offer us, and how we can contact them (contact #). Thank's!!!!!!!!!!!

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We do have an International Forum here, as well as a sub-group under that called the Philippine Forum that is specific for things going on in your country.

Please take the time to do some reading here, there have been many issues with many of the review centers there. There is absolutely no reason to even consider using one. Makes no sense at all. And no way that any of us would recommend any of them, too many issues to even start to list them here.

Prepare on your own, and it will be much better for you.

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Suzaane is right... Actually, it's been a misconception of many future nurses including myself that when you enrolled in a very good review center, you'll have a higher chance of passing the NLE.

You see, whatever review centers you enrolled at, the biggest factor on passing the exam is how the student worked and prepared for it! There are students who don't even enroll on a review center then passed! Try to read the forum regarding nurses who passed the NCLEX without the help of review centers.

Honestly speaking, the previous NLE was a big shock not only to me but to others as well ... PLease don't rely on review centers.. But I'm not saying that you shouldn't enroll in one. It's not the name of review center that counts.. It's how you worked hard for the exam!

Congratulations on your hard earned BSN!!

Now, just think back during those 4 years and remember how you focused yourself for each semi and final exam? Didn't you get together with a few friends and rigorously study your notes, handouts and books to review for a final? Didn't your friends study with you and encourage you to accomplish your final goals.....passing tough exams semester after semester?

Well then, look at yourself now! A successful student who studied hard and mastered the degree process...a BSN charter with your name on it.

NO REVIEW CENTER ever helped you in the toughest of your exams during those 4 years! YOU STUDIED the course work and mastered the exams...sometimes with friends in study groups.

The exact same process will get you successfully through the NLE, NCLEX, BON's ....your hard work at study groups and individual focus is the key to your future success. Look to your past history of exams and use those tecniques for any licensure exam you are going to face. It worked for you for 4 long years, why change your good habits at this time in your life?

By the way, self study, hard work and focus is like paying yourself 50,000 pesos.......the money you saved by NOT WASTING IT ON REVIEW CENTERS.



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review centers tell you what to study. they can show you the possible scope of your exam. but the posters on this thread are correct. you don't need one.

if you want to pass the boards (you can use a review center if you have the money but) you should set up a study schedule for your own self aside from the review center.

goal: at the end of each topic, i should be able to get 90% of material as evidenced by 90% grade in the test. take you own test.

honesty system.

time frame: example: three hours with a 30 minute break... if you have 90 days (break it down between peds, ob_gyn, psych and med-surg).

venue: choose a venue that would make you not too comfortable or not too uncomfortable. where you can maximize your concentration and where you can feed yourself. for the local boards, i studied at a mall food court that had newly opened (from opening to 2pm). (i wanted to see if the noise level would distract me or help me increase my concentration) [for nclex, it was barnes and noble - i love barnes and noble]

1. i used the review center for questions that i had - had saved 4 it.

2. what topic i had missed and forgot, the reviewer covered it. but, i re-read the topic again when i got home to understand the point he was trying to get across.

3. i would read his topic again to make sure he wasn't feeding me some outdated bs.

hope this helps you.

most reviewees go home and then have fun after they finish the review center schedule for the day. nope not effective.

review center is an adjunct to your study not the main instrument of your study. (proceed to your own schedule after your review classes)

so its your choice..do you want a review center or not?

I had my NLE review at MERGE, it was tied-up with our school. But before anything else, congratulations for finishing your course.

What I like with MERGE is they will train you on answering using the scantron paper. It was really helpful, at least you'll be mindful that this paper is sensitive. Most of your exams will be checked by the computer, so if you forgot to shade the right set, then it's definitely 0.

And again, no matter where you enroll, it still depends on you :) just try to relax and be yourself. Be serious but have fun at the same time. Goodluck.

When you're sitting down for the NLE, the only thing you can rely on is yourself...

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