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  1. Hoss

    Sentosa recruitment agency

    source: More nurses urged to join class suit vs Sentosa | ABS-CBN News Online Beta More nurses urged to join class suit vs Sentosa abs-cbnNEWS.com Posted at 05/28/2010 4:56 PM | Updated as of 05/28/2010 4:56 PM The former workers of Sentosa healthcare who won a civil case on Monday are asking more nurses to come forward. A judge ruled that it was illegal for the former workers to pay Sentosa to terminate their contract. Officials of the National Alliance of Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) are looking for health workers who paid Sentosa $25,000 to be released from their contracts. Other Headlines Filipino nurses win round vs Sentosa in NY court - Yahoo! Philippines News Filipino nurses win round vs Sentosa in NY court [ CHICAGO - A group of Filipino health workers, accused of violating provisions of their contract, won a round against their employers in a New York City court. In his ruling, New York Supreme Court Judge Stephen A. Bucaria did not let the 27 Filipino nurses and a physical therapist pay their employers the $25,000 "liquidated damages" for not complying with the provisions of the contract. The judge denied the plaintiffs' ― Sentosa Care LLC and others ― motion for summary judgment. The nurses allegedly violated the contract with their employers when they left their jobs without completing the three-year employment provision. The nurses claimed they did so after their employers, led by Sentosa Care, committed "multiple breaches of contract" against them. However, the New York Supreme Court is a trial court while the Court of Appeals is the state's highest tribunal. The employers allegedly failed to pay the nurses the proper night shift differentials, all hours worked, dental insurance, and malpractice insurance. The nurses also claimed that their employers failed to provide for their sick days, vacation days, and personal days, as well as adequate training. Reduced work hours also deprived them the benefits of higher hourly wages, the nurses claimed. Bucaria noted that "neither the employers, nor the nurses, have met their respective burdens." In this case of "'battle of the breaches, the parties have submitted conflicting affidavits and arguments to cast their adversary in the role of the primary contract offender."
  2. Hoss

    CHED flunks 147 nursing schools

    CHED is pretty well tied up by the courts from forcing closure. However, at least they are exposing the really bad schools to the light of day by publishing their record of failure. The other bad news is that these are schools who have been existing for the past 5 years. There are a few hundred MORE schools that are less than 5 years old but did not make the list as of yet. Some of the new schools have a ZERO percent passing rate 2 years in a row!! I only hope CHED posts ALL schools, regardless of how long they have been in business, who fail to make the national average of at least 46%. A good start, at least!! Hoss
  3. Hoss

    Global healthcare usa

    It appears they are a recruiter (head hunter) that cater to Pharmacists and Physical Therapists. In the 10 pages of jobs located on the web, not ONE nursing job was posted. They seem to focus on H 1B visas which do NOT apply to graduate nurses. Jobs Salary at Global Healthcare Group, Llc, Real Starting, Average Salary, ranked by Salary, page 10 It also appears from articles on the web that the founder Dnyanoba Kendra is an Indian immigrant who started out recruiting Indian computer programmers under H 1B type visas. As you know, to qualify for these visas a prospective employer must certify there are no qualified Americans to fill the job. That is hardly the case for nurses!! In summary, to take advantage you will have to get a BS in Phys. Therapy or Pharm D degree to even remotely have a chance at getting a visa. If you are seriously contemplating this recruiter, then simply ask them to provide you with references of Filipino nurses that have been placed in RN jobs in the USA. NEVER send money or sign any contracts until you have done your research!! Ask to get at least three names of Filipino nurses so you can contact them for reference purposes that hired the firm and received working visas as Registered Nurses (Not caregivers or LPN or any less qualified work permits). As President Regan practiced: "Trust, but VERIFY" Hoss
  4. Hoss

    We need a hat!

    A simple but effective cover is the "tried and true" garrison cap (or "p**s cutter as we used to call them) used by the US Military for decades. Berets are a little bulky to carry when not used, but the garrison cap is flat and easily stored or even draped under trouser belts when you are uncovered. Colors could range from a basic white cover with dark blue or other contrast piping, or any combination of dark colors and contrast piping. You could put an embroidered medical symbol (caduceus logo or similar) or even a pin on logo. Here is an example using the US Navy new uniform website: New Navy Uniform Picture Hope this helps! Hoss
  5. This is indeed a BIG problem... My step son received his Visa as IR-2 (immediate relative-child) non immigrant "green card" candidate and must leave the Philippines by Sept and enter the USA. In applying for his ATT from the Oregon BON, they require an explaination in detail if no SSN is provided. Social Security in the Philippines US Embassy refuses to give SSN numbers UNTIL YOU PHYSICALLY ENTER THE USA. We will send copies of his visa to the Oregon BON and explain his joining the US Navy and his intention to take the NCLEX within the next 90 days. Fortunately, he is joining the US Navy and upon arrival in Guam he will be escorted to Soc. Security and obtain his Soc. Security Number immediately. The problem now is, there is no way to get ATT for NCLEX from California while outside of the USA. At least Oregon will accept a reasonable explaination as to why you don't have your SS number. You must physically enter the US (legally of course) before you will be issued your SSN. Its a terrible "catch 22" not to be able to even get an ITIN or SSN prior to travel to the USA. This will close the door completely on many hopeful nurses wishing to immigrate. Hoss
  6. Federal civil suit vs. Sentosa, district attorney January 10, 2010 10:42:00 SOURCE: INQUIRER.net MANILA, Philippines--Ten Filipino nurses recruited and brought to the United States by Sentosa Care, as well as their lawyer, filed a Federal civil rights lawsuit against the company, its owner and officials, and the Suffolk County district attorney and other officers of the court. The nurses were among the more than 27 who have been charged for allegedly abandoning and endangering their pediatric and geriatric patients when they resigned en masse in 2006. In an e-mail to INQUIRER.net, lawyer Felix Vinluan said the lawsuit, which was filed on January 6, 2010, in the Federal District Court in Central Islip New York, seeks unspecified monetary damages. The case followed a decision by a state appellate court dismissing the misdemeanor charge. http://www.inquirer.net/specialfeatures/nursingmatters/view.php?db=1&article=20100110-246526 Veronica Uy
  7. Hoss

    if i decided to be a doctor, i would be.....

    Dermatologist, Hands down!! Think about it, you very rarely have any emergencies, and you have oodles of patients who NEVER GET WELL....$$$$$ eh? Hoss
  8. With 2 new graduate BSN's in my family next spring, we are now looking at opportunities to both "serve" where needed and gain experience as well. That being said, I am retired and willing to relocate with them in the US where nurses are needed. I am sure this will be in very poor regions of the country, and we are indeed prepared for such a location. Can we get a list of areas that are genuine in their need for nurses? If you know of a region, city, town or hopefully even the name of the hospital that would welcome two new grads and that can make good use of their training and care giving enthusiasm, I would greatly appreciate your input. I am retired and can move anywhere with them, so let us know where they can best serve the community. Many thanks Hoss
  9. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS; Last updated August 6, 2009 4:10 p.m. PT NORWALK, Conn. -- A Connecticut woman who authorities say spent more than $2,000 to stage a dinner honoring her as "Nurse of the Year" has been charged with pretending to be a nurse at a doctor's office. Betty Lichtenstein, 56, of Norwalk was charged Thursday. Prosecutors say Dr. Gerald Weiss believed Lichtenstein was a registered nurse, especially after she was named the Connecticut Nursing Association's "Nurse of the Year" in 2008. According to the arrest warrant, that association does not exist. The state's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit began investigating after a patient complained about Lichtenstein. She faces up to five years in prison if convicted of reckless endangerment and criminal impersonation charges. Lichtenstein did not return a telephone message for comment. COMMENT: How hard is it to file a copy of her license and her CV / References and keep it in her personnel file? A few phone calls could save a medical practice a lot of grief and possible patient lives. Hoss
  10. I am petitioning my wife and step son for 1-130 green card status. They are both 4th year BSN students and will graduate in March. They will take the NLE and NCLEX upon graduation, and most likely the California or Oregon BON. My question, since I am petitioning as spousal/son non quota visa, are they required to have CGFNS /Visa Screen as well as NCLEX ?? I have "googled" and found only the following on "Shusterman": I am a foreign-educated health care professional who is seeking to obtain my permanent residence status based on my relationship (e.g., spouse or minor) to a U.S. citizen. Do I need to obtain a VisaScreen® Certificate? No. Foreign-educated health care professionals who seek permanent residence status based on their relationship to an American citizen are not subject to Section 343 and do not need to obtain a VisaScreen® Certificate. In an abundance of caution, I would like at least one more opinion with citation please. Thanks for your kind attention!! Hoss (In Baguio City)
  11. Now is the time for nurses to immediately contact their representatives in both the House and Senate and create a loud voice of support. ESPECIALLY THE PNA SHOULD ACTIVELY LOBBY FOR PASSAGE OF THIS BILL. Nurses can act now because you are in AN ELECTION YEAR. You are a powerful vote to be courted....hundreds of thousands of nurses can be an awesome ally to recruit for those up for election this year. Get your PNA to act quickly and forcefully. It is no secret that hospitals, both govt. and private, have made millions of pesos off of new grad nurses and continue to refuse to hire nurses as long as they can get free labor from new grads. Hoss
  12. Find out how the colleges of nursing ranked on the NLE exam passing percentages. It still astounds me the number of poor performing schools who fail to make AT LEAST 50% passing rate... Congratulations to Xavier, Silliman, SLU and all who have consitently turned out graduates with a 90% or greater passing rate!! Here is the PDF link to schools by rankings: http://www.prc.gov.ph/documents/NURS1108ps.pdf
  13. Thanks AlexK; at least it is a small start to offer new grads an opportunity. Unfortunately, 5,000 - 6,000 is woefully below meeting the needs of tens of thousands of unemployed new grads each semester!! Bear in mind, when they speak of "rural" in the Philippines, they mean "RURAL"...no electricity much of the time and very poor sanitation. Even 6 months duty under "rural" conditions can be a very risky proposal to one's own health. On the flip side, the people a nurse would serve under these conditions are the most disenfranchised from any health care services, so a nurse would truly find the work challenging and hopefully rewarding as these are the poorest of poor Filipinos. Hoss
  14. Arroyo announces 'NARS' for unemployed nurses abs-cbnNEWS.com | 02/09/2009 10:38 PM Printer-friendly version | Send to friend The government has launched an employment program to address the growing number of unemployed nurses in the Philippines especially amid the ongoing economic crisis. President Arroyo announced during her speech in the Multi-Sectoral Jobs Summit at the Heroes Hall in Malacañang the launch of the Nurses Assigned in Rural Areas (NARS) program. "We are launching NARS, or nurses assigned in rural areas... They shall be mobilized in their home towns. They shall also serve as roving nurses for rural schools," said Mrs. Arroyo. The program plans to give qualified nurses job and training experience by fielding them to rural areas short of medical personnel. The program mainly targets fresh nursing graduates who have passed the board examination but lack work experience to find jobs abroad. Continue: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/02/09/09/arroyo-announces-nars-unemployed-nurses
  15. ched adds 1 year to 4 college courses [color=gray]tuesday, january 27, 2009 starting school year 2009-2010 engineering, architecture, nursing, and accounting will be five-year college courses, the commission on higher education (ched) said on tuesday. angeles, also the vice chairman of presidential task force on education (ptfe), said the move was part of the task force recommendation submitted to president gloria macapagal-arroyo last month. "it was to formalize the prevailing situation wherein students taking the said courses have to complete it for almost five years," he said. angeles cited nursing course as an example wherein the current curriculum requires enrollment for three summers for students to complete the course. likewise, making the courses five years would also allow the country to conform to international agreements such as the bologna and washington accords that sets the standards for such courses. earlier, presidential adviser for education dr. mona valisno said that making these courses five years would do more to improve the filipino graduates competitiveness vis-à-vis their counterparts in the international labor market. "despite the competent and hardworking abilities of filipino professionals, many are not able to land good jobs or the jobs their degree requires because their credentials are based on a 10-year basic education program, which is not recognized globally," valisno said. "the philippines is one of only two countries which require only 10 years of basic education. the other country is botswana. in other countries, basic education now lasts 12 years," he said. continue: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/manila/ched-adds-1-year-4-college-courses
  16. By Veronica Uy INQUIRER.net First Posted 19:40:00 01/26/2009 Filed Under: Nursing matters, World Financial Crisis, Overseas Employment Most Read MANILA, Philippines--The deployment of Filipino nurses and other health-care professionals to the United States will not save the Philippines from the impending overseas employment crisis as the global financial crunch deepens, a recruiter said Monday. The number of Filipino health-care professionals leaving for US jobs is on a decline for the past several years, Loreto Soriano said, citing records from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. He said that since 2000, some 1,900 Filipino nurses have been deployed to the US for an average of 237 a year. In 2007, he said, the number was much lower at. Due to the backlog in work-based immigrant petitions, he said, processing time has been between three to five years. Foreign professionals who want to work in the United States are still restricted by stalled US immigration legislation. Soriano said that while the US has a projected need for 1.2 million nurses by 2014, the new administration of President Barack Obama is unlikely to reverse the declining trend of hiring foreign health workers. Story continues: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/news/news/view/20090125-185476/OWWA-Obama-may-bring-hope-for-OFWs