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  1. thanks. it was dated march 04. i did contact cts but i haven't received any email yet. i told a friend about my application and she referred me to her cousin who applied in IL as well, but she told me that I can register w/ pearson if i'm ready for t...
  2. i already received a letter from cts, it says there that i have 1 missing doc which is my ces report, but that was before my ces was issued.
  3. Applying for Illinois

    thanks for replying. if i remember it correctly around jan. 21+ im not pretty sure, but around those dates and i got a mail from CTS and it says there that i've got one missing docs, which is my CES report. i was able to talk to someone who applied i...
  4. Applying for Illinois

    hi there, i'm confused first of all, i did not register thru instead i printed the form from idfr and sent my application together w/ the payment(bank draft). at the same time i sent my application for ces and all o...
  5. hi there, I have few concerns here. I already passed all the necessary documents to CGFNS and CTS as well, I checked my CGFNS status online and it says there that REPORT ISSUED and it's already mailed to my recipient (CTS). Now I am wondering if I sh...
  6. reliable review centers in the philippines

    I had my NLE review at MERGE, it was tied-up with our school. But before anything else, congratulations for finishing your course. What I like with MERGE is they will train you on answering using the scantron paper. It was really helpful, at least y...
  7. June 2007 NLE result

    I just passed too! Congratulations to all :)
  8. Working as school nurse in the US

    Hello and good day! I just want to know, is it possible for me to work as a school nurse in the US? I'm from the Philippines, 21 y/o and fresh graduate w/ local license (I just passed our board exam ) . I'm planning to take the NCLEX-RN. Please enl...