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Well, this is my first post in this section of allnurses..a bit discouraged..but i was well aware of the job market prior to even starting nursing school, i did nursing because i love it so im not going to let it get me too down..but just like everyone else here we all have bills to pay so that is the major stressor for me.

Graduated this past Dec passed boards 1 week ago.. live in south florida..applied to 43 RN positions including but not limited to :

Baptist ( homestead,kendall, mariners..ect ect) - Auto rejection emails daily sometimes within 10 min of applying to a position so i know no one looked at my resume/cover letter/ or reference letters

Mt. Sinai


Miami Children's ( possible hiring freeze)

Hialeah hospital ( all tenet hospitals for that matter)

Kendall Regional ( and all HCA hospitals)

Cleveland Clinic

Jackson Memorial

Coral Gables Hospital

VA ( no positions in VA miami for clinical RN)

the list goes on a military spouse but we never had to move from miami luckily we were both born and raised here( hes in coast guard) looked in usa jobs for RN positions in VA and there is only 1 in a prison..the other is only for officers that work in dept. of homeland security already so basically there are no openings at all in the VA

Miami childrens seems to have some sort of hiring freeze because no new positions have been added in a while.

every place wants exp. but i apply anyway, i have an ADN and a bachelors of science in biological sciences. i have reference letters and cover letters but it seems HR doesnt even read them. Ive had my resume reviewed by other nurses, professors, managers ect and they say my resume is great( except i have no paid nursing exp.)

i can believe the rejection emails from positions i know im not qualified for but come on ... im getting turned down from med surg positions.....really....

i have gotten ACLS/PALS/EKG certs to add to my resume

anyone know of anyplace willing to give a new grad a shot in south florida... ive applied in miami dade and broward county..i dont mind driving but obviously i cant move since my husband is stationed here. and as of right now there arent any residency positions open anywhere that i can find ( looked on indeed, monster, hospital webpages,ect)


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Just keep applying. I applied to 100s before getting a call.

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See if you can have a conversation with a nurse recruiter and see what is happening in your area. There is a chance that you're being impacted by the "BSN preferred" movement. Don't rule out smaller, independent hospitals outside of the major cities. Even though they may not have a formal new grad transition program (residency, internship, etc) it doesn't mean that they won't be able to provide you with a great place to start your career.

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