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Just received my rejection letter from the only place I applied. How disappointing, I guess I'm looking for some suggestions as to where to go from here? Is it appropriate to contact the school and ask about my weaknesses and how I can make myself a more competitive applicant next year? I have also registered as a grad student at large for a spring class and I'm now wondering if I should take the class which is part of their program or just take some more general grad level science courses?


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Nevermind. My mistake.


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I don't have any suggestions, but I'm also preparing just in case I don't get accepted to the program I applied for. I will have all the classes completed that I can take before admission, so I might have to sit around doing nothing for a year if I don't get in. (There isn't another program anywhere near me that is part-time, so I don't really have any other options.) I'm considering taking some upper level biology and chemistry classes 'cause my ultimate goal is medical school, and I will need to have taken these before I can gain admission to a medical school.

I'm also considering maybe getting certified as a phlebotomy or pharmacy tech or something of that sort. Or a CNA. Not sure yet, but it would be helpful for me to get into a hospital setting as soon as I can. (My only concern with that is the HUGE paycut I would have to take if I did something like that.)

So, as you can see, I'm kind of battling with the same issue - what to do if I'm not accepted.

(I just realized that this post was under the CRNA topic. My post was about admission to an ADN program, so not ENTIRELY relevant, but somewhat. SORRY! I'm still half asleep.)


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Originally posted by JenW

(I just realized that this post was under the CRNA topic. My post was about admission to an ADN program, so not ENTIRELY relevant, but somewhat. SORRY! I'm still half asleep.)

Uh, me too. Sorry about that.

Coffee is definitely needed, LOL.


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If you can take a course that is required for the program I think that would be a good idea. Contacting the school to find out what you can improve on is a very good idea. You won't know what to improve on unless you ask. I did that with one school that I applied to and was rejected by. If you can you should apply to more programs too. There are still some schools out there with application deadlines that haven't passed. Check it out.

I'm very sorry to hear about your rejection letter. I think it would be a very good idea to meet with the dean or whoever you feel is in a position of power to discuss what affected your acceptance. This will show them how serious and dedicated you are. They should tell you exactly what hindered you and how you could improve. I have heard that taking a class or two that is required by them does help. Just make sure you make very high marks. I would keep in contact with whoever you spoke with and tell them about your progress. I think familiarity is a very strong tool and the more they hear from you and see your drive, the better your chances.

If it's possible, I would definitely look into applying to a variety of schools. Competition is too great and the class sizes are too small. For some, relocation is not an option, but you can do anything for 2 years.

Best of luck.



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:rolleyes: sorry to hear that you got the rejection letter but the best advice is to closely look at the prerequists and strenghen them. It is a good idea to contact the program director thank them for the experience of going thru the interview process and ask what you can do to make you a stronger candiate the next time around. Once advice is given, make sure you do what they suggested. It shows your dedication to persueing your dreams despite being rejected. And your not afraid of hard work.


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I too have received not only one denial letter but now 2!!!!!!! And one hold on till later letter. I applied to 4 schools which I thought was plenty and now I am afraid I have not applied to enough. I really want to be a student in 2004.. Good luck..


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Sorry to hear about your rejection letter. If it makes you feel any better, I had applied to 5 places last year and ended up with 3 rejections and 2 alternates. I applied to just one program for this January and was accepted. So, don't give up........


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just wanted to give you some advice, become a CCRN if you are not already, most of all do not give up, reapply next year to the same school, I was not accepted last year and i applied this year and got in so persue your dream and good luck nec

I agree. Definitley try to get into CCU or Trauma if you haven't already to get that experience. Most programs want 1-3 years before they'll even consider you. As with every other field in nursing this one is super competitive and you should always apply to as many programs as you can. Good Luck!


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Thanks for all the advice... I am a CCRN and have 18 years of experience in a Magnet hospital and a busy Trauma hosp.. My GRE scores are not the best only took it once so I am retaking it jan 12 th .. say a prayer.. If I dont go this year I will defintly will reapply to same schools next year... thanks

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