Rehab centers???

  1. does anyone know if rehab centers hire LPN's??? i'm looking for something other than LTC and was thinking that someone has to pass out the meds in rehab

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  3. by   1pinknurse
    I worked in a psych/rehab facility but was more like a LTC. I passed meds to 40-45 residents & I did lots of charting. I also had to assist in dining. It was very hectic but of course this will all depend on the facility you are working at.
  4. by   Riac007
    I work in a inpatient rehab facilty. Strokes, AMA's, broken hips ect ect. It's amazing. I do everythign the RN's do except get paid less and admission/discharge paperwork. 5-7 patients a night, med pass, caths, occasional IV start, calling doctors, trying to figure out why someone is even here and making the call to send them back up to the med surg floor. Great first job imo and as close to med surg nursing as an LPN can get, it's literally the same thing as med surg but less actute obviously. We get new RNs here from the med surg floor when they get burnt out of that. In fact the only big thing I don't like about my job is that I planned to leave this otherwise boring area (Geographically) and giving up such a great job is gonna make getting the balls to move away hard :-(
  5. by   garnetgirl29
    I work in a drug detox facility. I pass meds, take vitals, do charting, talk to clients (ages 18+), do admission assessments & call the doctor for approval, and lead a 50 min. nursing group with the clients. (well, I haven't had to do the group yet, but if I'm there by myself when it's time, I'll have to do it).
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I work at an acute rehab hospital that utilizes LPNs/LVNs as floor nurses. So, to answer your questions, LPNs are utilized at rehab centers.
  7. by   kwest99
    thanks for the comments! good to hear! i will be looking into it more