CRRN exam and renewals

  1. I just had to start a thread on this because the CRRN exam and renewal procedures are always a hot topic when 2 or more rehab nurses are in the same room! I've been a CRRN since 1991. I am proud of it but the maintenance has been a lot of work. You need to be a zealous record keeper. I once was refused renewal by points and had to take the @#$%$#@ test again (passed...but it isn't easy ever).

    How about it out there...what were your test experiences? The first time I took it it was only offered once a year. Then in 97/98 you could take it any time you wanted. Now they are back to limited offerings. Its been quite a ride.
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  3. by   disher
    I wrote the CRRN in 1994 and haven't had a problem earning credits for renewal, I earn enough credits through BScN courses and conferences. The conferences are worth 21credits so most of my CRRN colleagues choose to earn credits this way. As for the exam, it was only offered once a year ( in Canada) at the time I wrote it, don't know how it's offered now.
  4. by   Quickbeam
    I see this isn't an active thread but I also had a problem with credits for the recert. I think the organization needs to work on this as it is an expensive thing to accumulate so many CEUs (esp if your organization does not pay for them).

    I am a CRRN since 1992 and have recert once by points and once by retesting. Was disappointed they dropped the BSN requirement and also that they made the CRRN-A for Master's only.
  5. by   Quickbeam
    I just read that the CRRN-A or the certification for Master's prepared nurses, is being eliminated. I understand they had very very few people certify over the years it was offered and that there are virtually no MSN programs focused on rehab.
  6. by   CRRN7878
    The best site I have found for CRRN continuing ed is There are over 100 courses available and all are approved for CRRN. They offer a very wide range of topics, many very interesting and relevant to rehab nursing. All the courses are online (though the courses AND the tests can be printed off and taken offline -- which is what I did).

    I read the course content at home and filled in the test answers as I read the material. I just returned to the website to enter the test answers. The test is graded instantly and then I printed off my certificate -- very easy. They even tell you which questions you answered wrong so you can go back and fix the wrong answers!
  7. by   fluffwad
    Great CEU site! I didnt have any trouble with recertification with CEUs, but I like having as many options as possible.