Waste of time!!!!!!

  1. I graduated from the Chicago Public Schools Practical Nursing program a year ago. I failed my exit exam by like 3 points so I can't go on to take boards for my LPN. I'm constantly trying to get in contact with them so that I can move on and take boards but every time they're giving me the run around. My plan was to take boards and then do a bridge program. I really want to be a nurse!!!! I work as a CNA at a hospital and seeing what the nurses do I KNOW I got what it takes!!!. but this program is stopping that. Should I just say forget it and go for the RN?
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  3. by   Kidrn911
    I would say go for it girl, if they can't get back with you. Good Luck
  4. by   pedsRN28
    Just go for it! My RN degree was only 4 months longer than LPN (not including pre req) and it'll fly by!
  5. by   FaithGurl93
    Quote from pedsRN28
    Just go for it! My RN degree was only 4 months longer than LPN (not including pre req) and it'll fly by!
    really? Was it for ADN or BSN? I just want to go for ADN...I really want to work in the ER
  6. by   pedsRN28
    It was for ASN.
  7. by   pedsRN28
    The ER is possible! You may have to go to a diff department just to get in the door but then you can transfer toER
  8. by   HouTx
    So, there's no way to go back and re-take that last semester and graduate from your program? Bummer.

    But, LPNs are very rarely hired in Emergency Departments due to the limitations of LPN scope of practice.
  9. by   FaithGurl93
    Yeah. I'm going up to Northwestern/eastern (i get it mixed up lol) to talk to admissions. Their nursing program starts in May. I'm gonna put my all into this so I won't have to worry about retaking anything #Determined
  10. by   nurseprnRN
    Northeastern University is in .... Boston. Lotsa snow here, but hey, come on down. Excellent nursing program.
  11. by   FaithGurl93
    Im sorry its Northwestern in chicago. I get them mixed up lol.
  12. by   Rmurrell
    The Chicago Public Schools Practical Nursing Program is and was a success. I graduated (under the leadership of Dr. ***** and her knowledgeable but tough teaching staff) and passed boards first attempt. I am a RN with years of ICU and military experience, matriculating through my masters degree.This LPN program gave me and several of my friends a solid nursing and professional foundation and was worth all efforts. I encourage students to study hard and your outcome will be victorious!
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  13. by   Red Kryptonite
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