80 on TEAS V, good or bad?

  1. I took the TEAS test today and scored and 80% overall. 88.1 reading, 86.7 math, 81.3 science, and a 63.3 on english usage. The program I'm applying for needs at least a 72% overall. Should I take it again? The sad thing is; I was scheduled to take it on Oct. 26th, they ended up cancelling it for unknown reasons, so I rescheduled for today. I woke up feeling a little ill this morning, but I didn't no if it was just test anxiety or not so I went to school. Half way through the first class I started feeling really bad. When I got out I went and bought some pepto to help me get through the day and the test, bad idea. Right at the end of the math section i started feeling really nauseated, enough that I thought I would have to make a break for the toilet (even though you're not allowed to leave the room). So I ended up rushing through the rest of the test. I feel as though if I wasn't feeling so crappy, I would've done better. Should I pay fifty bucks to take it again?
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  3. by   jadelpn
    Yes, you should. As an overall grade is usually not what they look for--my understanding is that you have to get at least a 72% in each of the subject areas. Your english usage grade may not be high enough. Now that you know what you are the most "weak" in, I would look over that part in the TEAS study book. Best of luck, and let us know how you do!!
  4. by   FutureFLRN2014
    I would see what your program requires and if it is only the overall score they are looking for. I know for my program they wanted a specific reading score and then your overall score had to be at one level. My suggestion would be to talk to an advisor who handles the program you want to apply to before spending the additional $50. I also found the ATI guide really helpful for the areas that I didn't feel as confident in or wanted more review.
  5. by   RunnerRN2015
    My school requires only that we score higher than the overall national percentage for that day (usually around 65%). It didn't matter what the individual scores were. Check with your school to be sure! And we were allowed to leave during the test for 10 minutes to go to the bathroom as long as we didn't take anything with us.
  6. by   lacyloo
    I also heard that as long as you score over the national average you are in good shape. But I think it all depends on what your school is looking for. For example if your GPA is not as high (the upper 3's) then once the board gets down on looking at the applicants the TEAS takes a roll in your acceptance. I would be happy with an 80%. I have to take my test on Thursday! Good luck with everything.
  7. by   Murse281
    It all depends on you school. I received lower than that and I was accepted into my program. I also have a 4.0 gpa which helps offset my lower scores. I scored a 75% over all.
  8. by   Murse281
    look at all requirements for your program and you can figure out if you should take it again or not, my school only lets use take it once a semester.

    Another college I looked at only required a score of 56 over all, and was more concerned with grades than ATI scores.
  9. by   jetsy62
    One of the four schools I applied to clearly states "only allowed to take the TEAS test one time" so each school is different.