Regions hospital

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Has anyone here worked for them as a RN? How is it to work there?

How are they regarded in the community?



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I have not worked at Regions but I have volunteered there! It is a really great place to be, everyone is super friendly and the staff are awesome! Regions is definitely a well known hospital and has a great reputation!


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I've been a patient there (and will be again very soon when this lil' baby decides she's coming) and the nurses are just wonderful. I've been in their ER (unfortunate!) and they're really nice. Only had one bad experience, and that was with one nurse who seemed to find it burdensome to explain what the pill was they were giving me and if it was excreted in breastmilk.

I've applied there many times, and unfortunately, you're at the mercy of job recruiters. So it's like most other places. (And I worked at Health Partners as an LPN before becoming and RN, so that doesn't even get me anywhere!)


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I've had two clinicals and just found out yesterday, actually, that I will have my preceptorship there. I really, really enjoyed both of my clinicals there. Employees were very welcoming and open to sharing knowledge and explaining procedures. I have a few of my new grad buddies that got jobs there and they said they really enjoy it.

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My aunt works there as a CNA and she does float and usually works doubles. She absolutely loves it! It took her a long time to get in there and finally did because she found someone that she knew through someone else and listed them on her application. That seems to be how you have to get your foot in the door, you have to know someone. Not always, I'm sure, but I'm sure it helps!


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I have worked in a couple of their ICUs as an agency nurse. The nurses seem to like the hospital as an employer. Staff levels are good, the pay and benefits or OK to a little better than average. People were super friendly and helpful. Only thing I didn't like was that it is like Mayo in that the RN have very little autonomy, but overall a nice place to work.