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  1. LPN to RN online school recommendation please?

    Ndsu has a two year online program you just have to take a few entrance exams! I am currently in it and am graduating in December!! I am from Minnesota and its about $4000 a semester. I really like the program and am learning a lot. :-)
  2. Unsure

    I have been an LPN for a year now, I am working on a med/surg floor and am also pursing my BSN (I have a year left in that program). I am feeling very overwhelmed and am forgetting why I wanted to become a nurse in the first place. I know that the fi...
  3. NDSU: LPN to BSN? Anyone know anything about it?

    The program has definitely changed since two years ago. We have a ton of different instructors and I think they have all been excellent, including their responses to our questions in a timely manner. I don't know if they had this when you were in it,...
  4. NDSU: LPN to BSN? Anyone know anything about it?

    Of course!! Yes I do think the work load is manageable and I am working full time while in the program. All the professors are very nice and helpful and want you to succeed!! You coordinate clinicals with Karla who is in charge of the program. I have...
  5. NDSU: LPN to BSN? Anyone know anything about it?

    Hello! Yes I am currently in the LPN to BSN program at NDSU! It is a great program you only have to go to the campus to take the entrance exams otherwise the program is online, you can do clinicals in your area. Yes, it has an excellent reputation an...
  6. HELP LPN to RN ONLINE only

    North Dakota State University
  7. HELP LPN to RN ONLINE only

    NDSU has an LPN to BSN program online. You can do the clinicals in your hometown! The only time you would have to come here is to take the entrance exams. I am currently in the program if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them!
  8. Hard time finding LPN-RN online programs...

    North Dakota State University has an online LPN to BSN program. :-)
  9. Online LPN to Rn Programs

    Hi I know you posted about a month ago but if you need help um Presentation College has an online LPN to BSN and so does NDSU but you have to go their in the summer for clinicals (for NDSU)!! Indiana State University also has an LPN to BSN but there ...
  10. Bethel RN-BSN program-any current/formers?

    Hi I am currently attending the Tech school in Winona for my LPN but am transferring up to Bethel for their BSN program in the Fall. I am from the twin cities and I have tons of friends who have graduated from there or will be graduating. They all lo...
  11. Thinking about moving to MN, please help!!!

    There are a lot of ADN programs around the twin cities! MCTC is in Minneapolis and has a really good nursing program! There is also Hennepin Tech and Normandale Community College and Anoka Ramsey Community College, etc etc there are a ton but if your...
  12. Regions hospital

    I have not worked at Regions but I have volunteered there! It is a really great place to be, everyone is super friendly and the staff are awesome! Regions is definitely a well known hospital and has a great reputation!
  13. Program accredidation to get into BSN programs

    Hi I am currently attending MN College SE Technical but I know that it is not accredited. I really want to get my BSN and MSN in the future and am having a tough time finding schools that accept you if you come from a non accredited program. Does any...