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I took NCLEX yesterday, and it shut off at 75 questions, I was pretty anxious!

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Don't listen to those tales and rumours. There's no rhyme or reason to NCLEX. Very few of us feel good after leaving NCLEX. Try to relax and wait. (Yeah right).

Good luck!


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Sounds like your friend is stressing you out...and from experience I know that you don't need any more stress than you are probably already going through! I didn't get any new format questions and I passed in July. The computer gives the next question based on whether you answer the previous one right or wrong. It doesn't penalize you for taking time to understand what the question is saying or how much time it takes you to answer a single question. The only time when "time" is an issue is if your 5 hours are up and you're not done with the test. You gave it your best shot and will find out shortly. Don't worry about the types of questions that were asked right now. I didn't get any new format, got about 7 medication questions, was asked about disease processes, teaching, and prioritization. I talked with other people who passed and their test consisted of very different questions. Each test is different and you gave it your all! Good luck to you and keep us posted. Maybe a paper is coming to you soon with RN after your name!

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