Nursing Students NCLEX


Hi, I'm not sure if this is where my post should be on but I would like to hear from anybody who graduated Nursing from outside the US. I currently reside in Texas and have taken the test twice but unfortunately failed both times. It has been over 4 years since I graduated and never have had experience in the field so now, I was told to reeducate and basically trash out what I've already been through for 4 years. I've called many times about t to see if I get a different answer but all the times I did I was told the same thing. None of them told me that I could just do the refresher course. I would like to just be able to take it here in Texas and not have to take the exam for another state and process the reciprocity(sp?) thing for me to be able to use my license here in Texas, but not have to reeducate, because, first of all, I got the education already and second, I dont have the money and time to do it all over again.

I graduate overseas albeit last November, but i dont understand why you need to do over a whole program. what was their rationale for not allowing you to retest? Perhaps you should look into going through another state then endorsing in texas.

That is my second option. I'm planning on taking the licensure for Illinois because they're the only state from the ones I've contacted that would allow me to take even though I have graduated 6 years ago. And that's the reason why I cant take it in Texas anymore due to me having graduated over 4 years and with no hospital experience.

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