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hi i just passed the nclex exm. i finish my BSN in the philippines but i move in here in new york.

im on the job hunt right now i was just thinking if it is alright if my R.N relative serve as my reference person?

thanks for your help.

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You are better off if you can get a instructor or no-relative to write your letter. Relatives are going to be looked at as biased in your favor.

Talk to the hiring manager/recruiter. When they ask you for a reference, you could always have one of your nursing professors fax/e-mail a letter to them directly. I am a foreign grad. That's what I did and that was fine with them.

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As long as you have a couple more letters from non-relatives, I think that you would be fine doing this. It is not standard practice to have relatives write a letter of rec, but I think that if you are not submitting ONLY this letter, it would give your perspective employer a nice glimpse into how a family member views you as a medical professional since she is also an RN. Just my two cents...

I wouldn't do it -- a lot of employers specify that references cannot be relatives. At the very least, I would ask potential employers how they feel about that before submitting the reference.

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NO, I would never use a relative's letter as a recommendation for employment. It's not professioanl.

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