Recovery continues...


Good morning all! It's a beautiful day here in Alaska and we are expecting snow this Saturday! Very excited about taking my new (used :)) cross country skis out! Dog park walks in the snow? Yes please!

Now to the reason for this posting. I am currently in treatment, still loving the process and I couldn't be more happy with the people I've met through this wonderful facility. I was supposed to graduate come November but lucky me I miss graduation by one day because of the holiday and get to stay through December. Rather than being thankful for being done I get to get the gift of graduation (my positive spin). The ex patient has warned up so to speak and spent a couple weeks ago in hospital and said she wished I could have been there to nurse her. It was heartfelt and very sweet.

I find out this month about my contract (provided my facility gets the paperwork to the board soon). I am not losing my license and in fact may not have a suspension since I kept myself out of nursing this past year. Even if I do get a year suspension I am okay with that! I can make a plan...a plan on where I will work for the next year, I couldn't be more excited about that! October 9th will mark a year since I got fired and started this journey. So much has changed and I am happy to report that I am happy, at times blissful, and rarely anxious, sad, or disgruntled. For anyone starting this journey- it does get better. Even Without nursing- it does get better, manageable, exciting. I love you all.

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So glad to hear from u!! Happy to hear that all is well - I am jealous - I've never learned to snow ski!!

Keep on keeping on and hope to hear from u again soon!

Love u dear!

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i am so proud of you !


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I am very happy for you.

Remember to "pay it forward" when you meet that nurse who will need what you have gotten with your treatment and hard work. You are lucky you dealt with this now instead of many years later. Always treasure your sobriety. Despite what you have gone through, remember that you had developed a compassion and understanding that many nurses never develop.

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recovery= i am a better nurse, far better than the nurse i was