Recording lecture ? HELP :)


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I have my first micro lecture tomorrow. I meant to buy something to record the lectures, but had to buy $547 worth of book so I need to wait alittle. Has anyone ever tried to use their iPhone to record lectures. I am freaking out about having to wait a week before i can buy a recorder.


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Two things you can do as i see it.

1) turn off all of the radios to your phone and set it to record like you would a recorder. explain it to your instructor though. They would probably be curious why someone's phone was on their desk otherwise.

2) There is bound to be someone recording lecture. Make a friend. let them know what is going on. You might be able to have them send you their recording. I record and post the lectures for my classmates. maybe someone in your class would be willing to do that too. that way everyone does not have to spend the dough.

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Never tried it b/c our school had a STRICT policy on PHONES. Yes, an iphone can do so much more than make calls, but the fact that it CAN MAKE CALLS meant that they were not allowed out of our bags during class or clinical. 1st violation you were asked to leave the class, second violation you FAILED the class no if's, and's or but's. Didn't stop people from sneaking around and trying to do it anyway.....

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Oh, and many of our instructors recorded their lectures for us on podcasts and we could listen to them anytime we wanted....


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Yes, IPhone does have an app. As a matter of fact my A&P professor is totally ok with it. She just doesn't want to be video taped. The name of the app I use is Audiomemos and it's free I downloaded it immediately after she said I could record her lecture. It's for IPad and IPhone!!! Good luck in your classes.


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Do you know if your instructor allows you to record their lectures? At our school you cannot record a lecture unless you have permission from the instructor. We have a program called Tegrity at our college (small community college) that instructors wear a piece on their chest to record the lecture and it automatically uploads. Unless you sit up front I am not sure how well an iPhone will record the lecture.


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I think the first step is seeing if you will be allowed to even have your phone out while in class. In my classes, you cannot have your phone out for any reason.