Please help! I need the formulas for reconstitution of medications.

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Every med is different. You have to read the literature included with it.

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There is no formula. Each bottle will say on it how much to add for reconstitution.If I am using the whole vial I will just add 10 ml of sterile water.

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"If I am using the whole vial I will just add 10 ml of sterile water."

OP, please do not take this as a wholesale recipe for reconstitution. As has been mentioned, each med will have its own formula/ingredients for reconstitution.


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Any time I've had to reconstitute a med it comes with directions, and it's in the MAR how much to put in, how much it makes, and how much to then give to the pt.


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Yup, everyone answered for you. Reconstitution is the easiest thing, you just follow the directions, x amount of blah blah added to x drug = a dosage strength of x mg per ml. Every drug that requires reconstitution will give you this info. At a hospital you can call the pharmacy to double check, for school purposes, they should give you that info and you just have to read.

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1) Go to online bookstore/actual bookstore.

2) Buy good pharmacology text.

3) Read actual book for answers.

4) Follow institutions' policy.

ADD: We don't do homework here for you. That is YOUR job to try to understand your homework. Asking such generalised questions as you have shows you have not even researched one single drug or formula. Laziness will get u nowhere in the end.