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i am going to start traveling in the next 6 months and am looking to traveling withing a couple hundred miles of my home. Would anyone recommend any hospitals in Iowa to work at or to stay away from. I work Med/Surg but would like to get more experience in other areas. I wouldn't mind Minnesota or South Dakota. Any suggestions would help.:yeah:


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I have this same question. Does anyone know any hospitals in Iowa that use travelers?


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I know that my old hospital Mercy in Cedar Rapids had travelers in the ICU and the ER...I am not sure on the other floors, but I would assume they would? If you need anymore info about them...let me know!

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I know that the Ottumwa Regional Hospital in Ottumwa in the South Central Region of Iowa has had travelers before....They are decent to new people.....


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I am a traveling nurse and live in Iowa. I have worked at Avera Mckenna in Sioux Falls SD and at Trinity in Fort Dodge Iowa. Both are extemely busy hospitals and both are very travel friendly. I also worked in Sioux City at Mercy which is not as busy but just as travel friendly. Hope this helps.

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Allen Hospital

Covenant Medical Center

Genesis Medical Center, Davenport

Great River Medical Center

Independence Mental Health Institute

Iowa Lutheran Hospital

Iowa Methodist Medical Center

Jennie Edmundson Hospital

Mary Greeley Medical Center

Mercy Hospital

Mercy Iowa City

Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center - Clinton

Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines

Mercy Medical Center - Dubuque

Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa

Mercy Medical Center - Sioux City

Saint Luke's Hospital

Saint Luke's Regional Medical Center

Trinity Regional Medical Center

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

Nursing Specialty Units Staffed in Iowa


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I can't speak for specific hospitals, but I think Des Moines is the best place to live in the state. People are super friendly, the shopping and amenities are great, and when we have crappy ice storms the public transportation is pretty good too. Just don't live in the South or East sides of town, too much crime and poverty. Downtown is okay, the west and north (Ankeny) are good too.


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I'm originally from IA, now live in Arizona and did a couple of assignments in Minneapolis/St.Paul area over the last two summers. Did you sign up with a travel company yet?


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Iowa Health Systems is the best...they take travelers. I worked with two great ones in the OR a few months ago. It was recommended to me to stay away from Mercy DSM by one of the travelers. You gotta watch your license there.

And with the two new hospitals opening up later this fall, they will need more nurses...they'll have the two new ones, Iowa Lutheran, Iowa Methodist, Mercy Main and Mercy Ambulatory, and Broadlawns


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I see this is an older post, but was woundering if anyone has worked for Keokuk IA hospital? I have been a travelor for this last year, but due to the economy was looking to move back closer to home for awhile. Has anyone worked there? exp ICU? Thanks


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I know that the Ottumwa Regional Hospital in Ottumwa in the South Central Region of Iowa has had travelers before....They are decent to new people.....

Do you know if they are still taking travelers? I would love to go there, it would be closer to home. I grew up outside of Kahoka MO. Thanks

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Currently work in the ER at Knoxville Hospital and yes, we do use travelers in the ER and on Med/Surg. I have also travelled and worked at Ottumwa Regional, Monroe County Hospital in Albia and, Clarke County Hospital in Osceola and Mercy in Cedar Rapids and they all welcomed travelers!

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