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Hello, I am actually a Physical Therapist but can't find any decent PT forums. I just started work for Amedisys, left travel PT so I could attend school at night to work on my MBA. Doesn't seem like that will happen at Amedisys; the amount of documentation req'd is too burdensome and, I believe, not actually req'd by Medicare. Can anyone recomemend some legitimate HH agencies to work for? Thanks!

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Are you still looking and where do you live?


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Recommend you start looking with local agencies rather than the large nation-wide employers.


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The burdensome paperwork is usually what drives people away from Home Health. I doubt that there are any agencies requesting paperwork that is not required or necessary for quality care and compliance, as the requirements are indeed difficult to manage. Good luck.


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Having worked at Amedisys, I can relate. Their paperwork is burdensome for sure, the computer system is not very user-friendly, and quite a bit of it is redundant and not required.

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Bayada Nurses and my local VNA hire PTs.

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medicare has extensive regulations governing home health documentation required for all medicare and medical assistance recipients; oasis tool 21 paper pages long is used to document patient care needs but also to quantify data on recipients nationally, looking for quality and improvment in patient function from start to end of care --- each agency patient outcomes published on cms website.

2011 mc therapy regs for implementation by april 2011:

a. must use therapy assessment tool nationally recognized for validity and reliability

b. therapy reassessment on 9th and 13th visit.

advance for physical therapy & rehab medicine has discussion forums that may be of interest.