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Recent graduate- lost and depressed

by justanotherrn justanotherrn (Member)

I have a BSn and got my license last month. I studied Nursing in a large island, but now I have relocated to my island which is very small and only has one small hospital. I started on Monday being told that I was going to be oriented. This "orientation" involved showing me where to find things on the wards and that was it.

The place where I studied does things very differently than here and I am left confused and lost. I overheard one nurse talking to another about me one morning. They feel as though I cannot do anything and I have a Bsn. I feel stupid, akward. I am so depressed. I hate going to work everyday. Anytime I ask a question I get attitude. I think the whole problem stems from the bsn nonsense but honestly I dont care about stuff like dat. I don't know what to do, I'm so depressed. sigh

Are you depressed because we are unfamiliar with your working environment or because of the nurses you are working with? Having a BSN is a major accomplishment, and I in no way want to dilute your efforts, but maybe what you are experiencing stems from adjusting to a new working environment, not your credentials. Orientation is a period of grace to learn, ask questions and grow as a nurse. Don't waste it. It's humbling. I know because I too am a new nurse.

I think it's a bit of both. The thing is I'm not really getting an orientation as promised.

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The actual purpose of an orientation is to inform a new employee about how "things are done" at the new place and validate your clinical competency. It is NOT to teach basic nursing skills, although this is usually folded into a new grad transition plan. Blanket statements like "I'm not really getting an orientation" are not very effective or persuasive.

Take the time to review the goals & objectives of your orientation.... should be on the paperwork you received. Your expectations may not be in tune with the reality. If so, you could probably negotiate with your supervisor to make alterations if you can support your requests in an articulate and logical manner.


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I would speak to your supervisor about potentially getting some help. Remind them that you are a new grad, and are going to need more help with learning some of the skills, how to anticipate when someone's going to decompensate on you, etc.