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Recent graduate BNS from PR

Enirethak Enirethak (New) New

I am a recent graduatenursing student (BSN) from Puerto Rico. I just applied to have my academic credentials evaluated since I studied in Puerto Rico. I got back the results but my theory and practice hours are not enough for me to qualify to take the NCLEX. Are there any other options for me to get my license in US since i can't stay in Puerto Rico.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Find a BoN approved school to make up your deficiencies? Even if you applied to a different state you would face the same issue if you tried to endorse back to the first state


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This is not unique to being in PR. You could just as easily be from Illinois and have your credentials second-guessed by California (I'm just using this as an example) or any other random combination of states unless you have a multi-state privilege license from a compact state.


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What school did you study in? What BON are you applying to?