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  1. Enirethak

    4th nclex attempt

    Hey there! I'm Katherine and graduated from nursing school back in 2015. I have taken the nclex 4 times, have failed 3 times (took it for the fourth time today). I am feeling super discouraged. I live in Florida which means that after failing 3 times you have to do mandatory Remediation course with clinicals, not to mention that I got my education in PR and when I came here they made me take the same course because my credits weren't enough...so yes I have taken the same course twice. Anyway...today I took the test again and I feel like I bombed it. The test was basically alzheimer, OB and peds questions and to be honest I kept getting questions that seemed waaaay to simple (since is an adaptive test of course it makes me feel like I did awful). Towards the end, question 77 I had no clue what they were asking and the last question was the oddest question I have ever seen. Needless to say...I'm feeling devastated already. Needed to get the frustration out in here since I really don't want to share with my family.
  2. Enirethak

    Recent graduate BNS from PR

    I am a recent graduatenursing student (BSN) from Puerto Rico. I just applied to have my academic credentials evaluated since I studied in Puerto Rico. I got back the results but my theory and practice hours are not enough for me to qualify to take the NCLEX. Are there any other options for me to get my license in US since i can't stay in Puerto Rico.