Received mail from NNOC, did you?

U.S.A. New Jersey


Have you know heard about the NNOC???? National Nurses Organizing

Committee?? That has been launched by the CNA

I do believe that these 2 (maybe there were more) Assoc. split off from the

ANA several years ago out of frustration over the concerns of direct care


Now my own state (NJ-------NJSNA) has come out with a statement related to

this new NNOC.

""""November 19, 2004

Dear Fellow New Jersey Nurse,

In the last week you probably received a mailing from a group called the

National Nurses’ Organizing Committee (NNOC). The Board of Directors of the New

Jersey State Nurses’ Association is concerned about this mailing and wants to

help clarify some important points stated in the NNOC’s brochure. We urge you

to share our message with as many other nurses as you can.

The most important tool in making a difference in the workplace is influence,

especially political influence. In New Jersey NJSNA is well respected by

both political parties and has a history of success in getting legislation passed

that is in the interest of nurses – yes nurses at the hospital bedside as

well as those in other practice arenas. Recent successes include the mandatory

overtime bill, whistleblower protection, safe needle legislation and many more.

NJSNA has a long history of working to assist nurses with issues of impaired

practice and legislation to fund the Recovery & Monitoring Program of NJ is

one of the pro nursing bills progressing through the legislative process

because of NJSNA’s work.

The governor’s office and the Department of Health under numerous

administrations have sought the advice and participation of NJSNA on many issues,

committees and task forces.

NNOC does NOT have that kind of influence in NJ. They do not have that kind

of influence nationally either. Indeed their literature would indicate that

they are unaware of what has been accomplished in NJ.

One of NJSNA’s strengths is the alliances it has built with other nursing and

healthcare organizations in the state. We host meetings of nursing

organizations twice every year and have worked with the school nurses, home care nurses

and nurse anesthetists as well as bedside nurses and others to help them

address their concerns in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

We believe dialogue with other nursing groups is essential for the successful

resolution of nursing issues and are concerned about any organization that

has a narrow focus and perspective. The tactics of the California Nurses’

Association, the parent organization of NNOC, have raised many concerns in nursing

circles. They have raided established nursing unions, used questionable

tactics to take control of the state nurses’ association in Massachusetts, and were

defeated in court in Hawaii.

NJSNA does not do collective bargaining, so those nurses who see unionizing

as the way to resolve their workplace issues are referred to the New York State

Nurses’ Association. NYSNA has a long history of successfully achieving

contracts that meet the needs of their membership. As part of this agreement,

NJSNA retains the legislative and regulatory agenda and provides education and

peer support for the New Jersey NYSNA members.

Don’t let a teaser dues rate of $30 fool you. NNOC is looking to organize

all nurses in NJ into a narrowly focused union that does not have the history,

influence and savvy of either the ANA or NJSNA. There is no way this

organization can accomplish what your professional organizations, ANA & NJSNA, have and

will continue to accomplish for you. To learn more about ANA & NJSNA go to

the following websites: and If you want to work

to make nursing better in NJ and are not a member join NJSNA today. We can

also be reached at 1-888-URNJSNA.

Linda Parry Carney RN, President

Board of Directors of NJSNA """"""


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I guess that most readers on this group are new RNs???


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Has anyone joined this group? They say they have almost 60,000 members now. They are not here to raid anyone's present union but to try and form a nationwide union to forward NATIONAL standards for nursing.


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Has anyone joined this group? They say they have almost 60,000 members now. They are not here to raid anyone's present union but to try and form a nationwide union to forward NATIONAL standards for nursing.

Aloha from Hawaii. I am new to this forum so please forgive any errors or etiquite breeches. I just had to comment on the message that NNOC and the CNA are "...not here to raid anyone's present union..." I disagree strongly and think anyone who believes that CNA, despite any beneficial work they have done in California, isn't out to raid and assimilate other unions is ill informed or naive. I was directly involved in CNA's attempt (and they are still at it over here) to raid Hawaii's nurses union. They are well organized, funded and practiced at this type of underhanded manipulation to raid other unions and other nurses unions faced with repelling them need to be very aggressive and proactive. They were so focused and intent on raiding our union that they sent over one of their Board members to live and work in Hawaii so she could infiltrate our organization. We also believe that they are continuing to fund individual nurses here to campaign for seats on our Board.

So to be clear: CNA raids other unions! If your union is targeted by CNA do not take the threat lightly! They will use every trick, legal and illlegal (they were thrown out of our offices by a Federal Court order after an illegal effort to take over our union offices) to raid your organization.


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Why couldn't one join both? But for the record, I haven't recieved a letter yet, but I'm am also newly an RN.


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I am in agreement with billEDRN. I,too, am a Hawaii RN. California Nurses Association IS RAIDING nurses associations and collective bargaining units all over the country under the pretext of forming a national nurses union. If you don't want to believe us Hawaii nurses, then ask some Michigan,Oregon and Minnesota nurses.

California has thousands of nurses who are not organized,shouldn't they first try to organize their own nurses. Yes, CNA did break away from ANA, however, it was not by a popular vote of the nurses of California. They infiltrated the nursing associations of Maine and Massashusetts(sp?), and forced a break off from ANA in those states. CNA has also been reprimanded and disciplined by the Department of Labor for threatening harm to nurses and their families(and pets,by the way) in CA who didn't want to organize a union. Stay away from them, in fact do all you can do to protect your state organization from them.

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cna ... california nurses association (cna) is an independent union of rns that ... appear to be targeting nurses who are already organized in other unions. ...

nysna opposes campaign to destroy rn unity | report: december 2004 ...

cna raiding hawaii's nursing union

california nurses association targets ana members

union protests governor's block of nurse-to-patient ratios


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Why couldn't one join both? But for the record, I haven't recieved a letter yet, but I'm am also newly an RN.

Most unions, our included, have clauses in their governing documents prohibitting "dual unionism." That is, being a member of "compeating unions" at the same time.

Glad to have you join the ranks of us's good to get some new blood in there to take over for us old timers. If I may be so bold as to offer some unsolicited advice...stay away from anything connected with CNA. They come across as caring and ethical but in reality, they are anything but. As one post correctly notes, they threatened harm to nurses that opposed them in California. I can say from first hand experience here in Hawaii that they are underhanded and unethical. If you want to be a part of a national organization that represents nurses, join the ANA. As with all large organizations, it may not be perfect, but it is, in my opinion, ethical, responsive and truely concerned with the issues that affect nurses. Good luck on your new career.


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CNA-claims to be an all RN union, but in fact their executive director RoseAnne Demoro is not a nurse. She has never worked in healthcare. She came from the Teamsters union to CNA and was instrumental in the conflict that caused the parting of the ways with the ANA in 1995. They are the ones who started the NNOC and the goal is to become the national union for RNs.

They also have an arm called CHEU that unionizes healthcare workers other than RNs. CNA as an organization also pays annual dues to be a member of the Labor Party.(check out the websit) This is a socialized political party and one of their big issues is trying to push for a system much like Canada or the UK where medical care is payed for by TAXES and administered by the government! RoseAnne Demoro actually chaired their national convention in 2002. The goal is to grow the Labor Party by increasing the amount of Union members. Please check out how they spend their money. Well. I wonder if all those RNs paying $80.00 a month in dues know that CNA just spent $150,000.00 to run a full page ad in the New York Times, bashing governor Schwartzenager. Since it is a democratic union, I wonder if they let the members vote on that? Somehow I doubt it.


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CNA is full of duplicitious statements and actions. When we were responding to their attempts to infiltrate and raid our union, they critizied the UAN because of the connection to the AFL-CIO. This despite the fact that they tried to join AFL-CIO but were not allowed to because, as I understand it, their past practices, such as raiding. They also were critical of AFL-CIO's association to blue collar unions, when in fact they were associated with, and getting a great deal of money from, the California steel workers union. They talk about wanting to represent the staff nurses' concerns, yet they will have their operatives join a state organization (like they did in Hawaii and Maine) for the sole purpose of influencing the vote in their favor when it appears that the "locals" will not support their agenda. Currently in Hawaii, despite the need for all of the unionized nurses to come together and prepare for the upcoming contract negotiations, they are still trying to push their agenda of disaffilation from ANA. This despite the desires of members, as demonstrated at a special meeting where they voted overwhelmingly to reamin affilated. It was interesting to note that when they (the CNA group) realized that the vote was not going their way, they left the room in an attempt to deprive the meeting of a quorum. There was even one CNA supporter who vowed to keep placing the disaffilation issue on the agenda every year until it passed. It was yet another example of their willingness to resort to any tactic to get their way, even if it is clear the general membership is not supportive. Their continued efforts are dividing and confusing the nurses and will, eventually, reduce the ability of the nurses to negotiate a contract that address the needs of Hawaii's nurses.

There are many more instances of this type of unethical and underhanded actions by CNA I have observed personally over the last three years here in Hawaii, but I think you get the picture. I have said it before, and I will say it again, watch out for your union if CNA comes calling...they are vicious and unrelenting in trying to reach their goals and ethics and fair play quickly fall to the roadside.

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