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Well gang, I just received my ATT and now I'm nervous as heck. Don't want to look to see what days are open. I thought I knew what time frame I wanted to test in but now unsure. Any suggestions to get over the nervousness:uhoh21:


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LOL!!! you best do so quickly or there won't be any dates to look at...LMAO!!:yeah:


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Just do it!! The longer you wait, the worse the anxiety will get, right?


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I know I have butterflies everywhere. Who would have thought I would have been so nervous. lol


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Thanks, I guess you right. I just need to do it.


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Don't worry too much! Half of my classmates (maybe everyone but me) got their ATT today and the earliest dates are mid July and all starting at 8 AM. I wanted so badly to get it done by the end of this month but my school was super slow with getting things signed!

ittybabyRN, RN

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I got mine today too! Picked a day...July 7th...time to crack down even more! ahhhh!


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Well I picked my date today. I have decided not to tell anyone. The pressure is just unreal. I didn't think I would be sooo nervous. I've got to really get to it now.

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