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Really long commute to find work


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I've only been licensed for a month, but I have applied to hundreds of jobs, and little has panned out. Certainly nothing in my desired areas of nursing. However, if I were to travel 3-4+ hours, there are positions in those areas that do not require experience, and I know some of these areas to have challenges filling positions. They don't pay as much as hospitals in my area, but experience is what I need in order to work at home (San Francisco Bay Area). I am looking at trying to land something that might have me away from home for a couple of back-to-back shifts per week, where I can stay overnight somewhere, and then head home for the rest of the week. I know that this will wear on my family (I'm married with a school-age child), but I feel like there are few other options in order to get into acute care, without full-on uprooting my whole family, something we both don't want to do and would be challenged in doing, since my husband's business and family (for whom we care) are here.

Is anyone else doing this sort of thing, staying away a couple of nights a week in order to work? How is it going for you? What are the pros and cons in your particular scenario (I know this will vary for everyone)?

Wrench Party

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A lot of nurses in my area drive in from the rural counties (2+ hours away), rent cheap nearby apartments together for a few hundred bucks, and try to work the back to back shifts that pay the most (weekend nights). Some even have worked out opposite schedules so they can share the rooms!

It makes a lot of financial sense factoring in the cost of gas, time, and whether there are any jobs available out where they live.

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I have a couple friends who have done this. It's hard, to be sure, but it's temporary- a year or two and then you'll have that magical 'experience'. Good luck!

I am in my senior year and I contemplated that this could be my situation when I graduate. Definitely hard on your family but like meanmaryjean said, it is all for the experience. Good luck RunBabyRN!