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Really good ADN program in SoCal?

by shrimpbait12 shrimpbait12 (New) New Student

I live in the LA county area and have been looking into ADN programs offered by community colleges up to an hour away from me. I want to commit to one where I am pretty much guaranteed a job or most likely going to get a job right after I graduate.

I've been looking into RCC, LAHC, GCC, PCC, MSAC, RHC, and SMC. So far, I've heard a lot of good things about RCC. I don't see a lot of information about the ADN programs for LAHC, GCC, PCC, MSAC (the other 4 that I'm most likely going to apply to as well) but they have good NCLEX pass rates.


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There is no guarantee you will get a job if you successfully complete an ADN program.

There is also no guarantee you will get into an ADN program. Admission into any California ADN program is very competitive. You need 2 years of prerequisite classes with straight A’s to get a shot at the program


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However, little to no college debt I think is nice. While these programs are very competitive, it is possible. Look at the criteria they use to determine who gets picked. For instance, some may give priority to those in that city, higher grades especially among the core science classes, etc.

While many jobs say prefer BSN, many of those colleges you listed produce quality ADNs that make the cut from what I have seen. On the other hand, for a hospital to become magnet they need a certain % of their nurses to be BSN. There are many pro/cons to going BSN vs ADN which need to be considered. I am sure they are listed somewhere on this forum. Also the frank message before mine also brings up some true realities.

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Any public community college in SoCal is fine for an ADN. Apply to as many as possible.

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Just FYI, there's a chance you won't get into your school of choice, or top schools of choice I should say. In this day and age where nursing schools are overwhelmed and impacted, apply anywhere and go to anywhere. Just make sure that school you're going to go to is accredited.