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Oh my, where do I begin? I have taken all the course work at UT Arlington except for AP II, Micro and chemistry. I just finished AP I over the 1st session summer and made C. My overall GPA for my pre-req's is a 3.21 and I'm absolutely terrified that if I don't get A's in everything, I have no shot. I have heard of students who have higher GPA's than me not get in. So, I would love to know what is considered as being a "capable" nursing student? I have oodles of recommendation letters from professors and some nursing faculty. I am applying at DCCCD Spring 2010 as I have completed all of their requirements and then some...I just want the best chance and best path to take to get that acceptance letter.

Any suggestions?


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Do not freak out. It won't help anything. I have not made ALL A's, I even have 2 c's and I was accepted into nursing school. I wasn't even finished with my pre-req's. Don't listen to the hype. Just dop your best and keep applying. I did all my course work at DCCCD and applyed At Baylor and got in first time around. You may want to apply there. They are alittle on the expensive side but I got A GREAT finacial package from them. Good Luck!! Let me know what happens.:nurse:

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You could also try Texas A&M International university, in Laredo, TX. There is no real competition for their BSN program and its like SUPER cheap!!!!!!!!! *i go there* You should have no real problem getting in. PM me for more info

I think i inquired at Baylor, but when I saw 3.0 minimum and how expensive it was...I hit the X on the explorer page. LOL. I do think that listening to other students say that they had all A's in everything and didnt get it had me worried, and so concerned that I almost had a panic attack. Thinking about the possibility of can't/won't get in--so much pressure. But aftyer reading ur post I think I will attempt to give it a once over and hope for the best. Applying is expensive because transcripts at UTA are $17.00 a copy. I will let you know how it turns out.:coollook:

I haven't looked into that university...But now I will. I have considered schools all across Texas but then I think about being far away from my family...getting a little homesick. I'm a newbie to this site, so plz send me all the information that u can. Everyone here is so supportive and I really appreciate that. My family knows how important this is for me and wants the best for me.


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I wouldn't say that you need all A's but if I were you, I'd retake A&P I and try to get at least a B. Most nursing schools will look at your A&P grades and there is a lot of people out there applying with A's in those classes. I start RN school this fall and had a 3.41 in my prereqs, but I did have A's in all my science courses and scored a 92 on my HESI. So it does depend on other factors other than all A's, but I would retake the A&P class.... :) I hope that helps! Good luck!!!


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Well, if you decide on Baylor, the application process is free, if you do it online. There is an optional essay, which I did and references which will help. The thing I liked about Baylor is that it wasn't just the numbers, they look at you as a whole, and they accept around 80+ every semester. I recieved alot of scholerships and grants and a small loan, but everything is covered for the whole 2 years. NO debt!!! Check it out.


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you are going to need to know your A&P better to do well in nursing school. Believe me, it will be much better when they get to the beginning of the chapter and the a&p is r e v i e w, instead of you trying to freak out and cram the a&p and then learn the nursing on top of it.


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You can also try Midwestern State University which is about 2 hours from Dallas. I just graduated from the school. I lived and worked in Dallas and attended school there so it was not bad at all coz classes run mostly Mon-Thurs.


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At Brookhaven/Mountain View your GPA isn't really a big factor. You get all your points from support courses and your HESI. If you do well on your HESI and have all the classes done then you stand a good chance of getting in.

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