is it really that bad?

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Im just getting into school and havn't had any experiance with nursing, but I have to know; is it really that bad???? Do you reccomend nursing as a career, or has it always been the same bad job?


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If you aren't complaining about your job, then you don't have one...

Here's a site that claims to list the worst jobs

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I think it really just depends on where you're working, and what you make of it.

If you're doing something you enjoy, that helps. If you're working somewhere that has good working conditions, that helps.

If you're doing neither, it's going to be hell. :)

There are bad days, just like in any field of work - that's why it's called work, and why we don't do it for free, hehe. :D

I had a job awhile back I dreaded every day - so I got out. I like what I do now, so life is much better!

Working as a tech or a student while you're in school will help you find out what you like and don't like, and what makes a place a good work environment.

Good luck!


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Originally posted by psychomachia

If you aren't complaining about your job, then you don't have one...

Here's a site that claims to list the worst jobs

According to that site the worst job in 2000 was "nursing home butt wiper." I can only assume that means a nurse or CNA.


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You just hear a lot of negativity from nurses on this board.

Almost to the point, i dont want to post anymore.

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No, it's not a bad job...mostly it's satisfying.

Nurses do need a place to decompress and debrief, if you will. We just prefer to do in a format where others will understand, just as you will do at the lunch table with your fellow students. Who will understand better than your fellow students? Everyone needs to feel understood.


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The way I see it is- it is a job, that is why we get paid, if it were all fun and games, we would have to pay an admission!! :) But seriously, I try to look at it as 8 hours out of my 24 hour day!!


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I especially liked this entry:

Enrolled Nurse - Australia - 4.3 rating, 75 votes

ENROLLED NURSE - Australia. I get paid less than the unqualified cleaners, less than the orderlies and a whole lot less than the secretaries. My job covers everything from being asked to remove used tampons from patients, shaving men who get erections, cleaning up beds and chairs that people have peed and weed on, to giving enemas and suppositories. As a nurse I get the blame if the air conditioning breaks, the food is cold, hot or yukky. I get blamed if a patient eats prior to surgery, the fax breaks or if a patients pain post operatively. I lift people all day, make beds all day, wash people, cop complaints from relatives, cleaners, doctors, secretaries and orderlies. I get 20 minute morning tea, if I have time and a half hour lunch break, again if I get there. I have been spewed on, pooed on, peed on, bled on and oozed on. I have even been groped and masturbated on. Yep that is why I am in Health care!

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