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Hey all I am new here but I do have a few questions for you experience nurses or anyone as well. Okay I am in a BSN program. I am doing well, I am not failing but I am getting to the point now that I am ready to start working. I was wondering do you think it would be good for me to leave my BSN program and start the Lpn program. If I do this, I can be done next May oppose to May 0f 2011. If I do go the LPN route, I plan to immeidately do a bridge program. What do you all who know about the trends of Lpn market and whatever else think? Should I stick with my BSN program( I am doing very well, so no I'm not failing) or should I give in to my lack of patience and start the Lpn program so I can hit the workforce sooner. OH yeah by the way I am 22 years old just recently dropped off my parents insurance but I do have A ppo plan though. I am just ready to work. I already have an associates in another field and so I guess that's why I am tired of school. I know that doesn't sound too good, but I am ready to enter the nursing profession! So what do you guys think? Stick with the BSN or go on to LPN?

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If you are doing okay in the BSN program, I urge you to stay there. Do not drop out for the sole purpose of attending an LPN program. Although it might seem like you need to start earning money now, you must face the fact that we all need more money.

Many people would shed blood, sweat, and tears for the chance to be enrolled in a BSN program, and would never let their slot in school slip away from their hands if they were to be admitted into such a program. In addition, many LPNs who would like to bridge to the RN program have never been able to accomplish it as the result of life's unplanned events, even after many years of trying.

I am an LVN with 3 years experience who is currently enrolled in an RN-ADN bridge program. By the time I complete my ADN, others will have already earned a BSN degree.

The moral of the story is that the shorter way may turn out to be longer!


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bump, and yes i see where you are coming from commuter. thanks for your advice

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I "thanked" TheCommuter for her post above because I think she said it beautifully. Stick with the BSN program for all the reasons she said.

You will want the BSN eventually -- and it will be a lot quicker and easier to get it done now. Allowing yourself to get side-tracked by other things (such as a desire for a little quick cash) is not worth it in the long run.


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Stay in the BSN program. It has taken me 5 years to get my RN. Did the LPN then got RN. It never happens that easy.

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Stick with the BSN. Get it all over with.


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I agree with you all, I am going to stick with it. thank you all for your advice. if anyone else has anymore things to add go right ahead!


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Stay with your BSN,now days the economy is bad and the health care facilities are more willing to hire someone with BSN

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