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Is it acceptable to bring a magazine to work?? I go to work and by the end of the shift, most times there is nothing left to be done when patients are settled for the night. Some charge nurses find this acceptable but today was told in no uncertain terms that this is not allowed as it looks like we are not not busy when in fact the ward ( L&D) is very busy. My theory is this, that if you are sitting at the desk and talking you still don't look busy so what is the difference if you talk or read as I still get up to answer a light in either situation and I check my patients every 30 minutes and update my records. What are your thoughts on this??


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On the unit where I work nights some nurses bring a book. Usually we are truly too busy. On the rare night with some quiet time they read while watching the monitor.

No way would I read if told not to. I don't even do it on my own unit where it is accepted.

There is always something to do. We do the checks, plan care, give mini reviews of a class we took, make up packs, stock supplies, or one of many other things. Removing tape from IV poles and side rails is one thing we do on "Q" nights.

Always ready, of course, for the crashing admission.


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Oh I won't read anymore but I just think it is silly when all they do is talk and tell me I don't look busy and trust me if a woman comes in for a precipitous delivery there is no way I'd be saying wait till I'm done with this page.


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as long as there is no work to do, why not read? like the other posters said, if everything is stocked, and everything is prepared in case of an emergency, who cares if you read? when i worked in ltc (midnights) while in school, i would spread my books across the desk and get so much homework done. you have to do something productive to keep yourself from going to sleep!

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If they say not to, then i wouldn't.

But i would probably bring a nursing magazine or something, and leave something like Cosmo at home.


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I have plenty of nursing journals to bring with me to read in the event it is slow enough to be able to do so . Usually we read after the stocking, cleaning, reorder of floor meds, etc. and paperwork are all done. If it's that slow, we need to do something to remain occupied. And I dont' think reading is so horrible, but I try to keep it on nursing material/ssues if I can. But I have been known to bring in the occasional (rated PG or G) book. Most of the time when I make the mistake of bringing in "things to do" it's busier than hell, anyhow. Rofl. It's like a curse or something. :rotfl:


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I haven't seen any of the nurses reading anything other than a newspaper. One is provided, and that's all that I've seen them read. It's funny, they seem to go comparing the ads of other L&D units to our hospital's unit. :chuckle


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I've been working nights (11p-7a or 7p-7a) for most of 22 years. I always bring something to read or do. There are times when the powers that be send an edict that NO reading to be done. I still do, not to be difficult but there is only so much stocking and cleaning you can do. I need to keep my mind going on something. Many times I will read nursing material, sometimes i do crosswords, I read magazines. I have even been know to do hand work (quilting-nothing big).

My patients are taken care of, my co-workers know they can count on me and when things are happening, I'm in the middle of it. The powers that be have either never worked nights or have forgotten how some nights you have to slap yourself to stay awake. Of course, as with everything, some few go overboard and don't remember they are there to work, then ruin it for the rest of us.

Maybe I'm just an ornery old nurse...

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