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Hello quick question i know i see other people asking about retaking a course but i didnt know where to put this or what one i should put it on. Anyways i have to retake A&P 1 i received a D+ , i was to busy trying to pass honors A&P i slacked on this course. Do others look down on this, having to retake the course??? I am kinda beating myself up over this.

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It depends on the program you're applying to. Some allow a re-take to replace the original grade. Some do not allow it and simply factor it in to your GPA. Keep in mind that you may find a program that will allow you to replace the original grade with the re-take, but if you decide to go on for further education, that D+ might bite you later. Again, it just depends on the admissions requirements of your specific program. Talk to the nursing advisor at your institution to get a definitive answer :)


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Not the end of the world. You'll have to look at programs and their repeat policies, as some allow one, some don't allow any, and some schools factor the repeated courses differently than others. I had to repeat THREE sciences (made the mistake of taking them all at once while working two jobs), and I now have my BSN. It can be done. :)


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thank you guys! :D it means a lot! :yes:


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i have a c+ in anatomy 1 shoud i retake it

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i have a c+ in anatomy 1 shoud i retake it

I would.


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I'm kind of in the same boat. The program I'm applying to does 'repeat/delete' and takes only your latest grade for the 5 tallied pre-req's. Overall is a different story and I have no idea how far they look into our transcripts.

I'm also beating myself up over my low B in A&P I. I'm debating on retaking it next semester.

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