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I have been an RN for 8 years, all of which have not been in acute care. All bloodbank experience. What is the best route to entering acute care? Are there any programs available in the Sacramento CA area that offers a renewal of skills that would enable me to apply for bedside jobs? Or at this point is it too late to re enter? 

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What were your RN responsibilities in the blood bank? What types of experience do you have that could relate to acute care. And what kind of acute care are you looking for?


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Basically all of my experience as far as "clinical" is performing phlebotomy, automated phlebotomy, and responding to adverse effects.  
I do have management and delegation skills as well.  
Any job I look into be it acute care or home health, etc all seem to need experience I never got outside of nursing school. 

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Have you considered inpatient rehab? Nurse patient ratios are reasonable (depending on the facility) and medical acuity is lower. Often these units are more willing to take on less experienced or refresher type nurses. The learning curve is not as steep but in the long run there is exposure to a wide range of complex medical needs at a slower pace - might be a good stepping stone towards acute care. 

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CA BON has a list of RN Refresher Courses available in CA and other states.


Why would you want to go into bedside care? It is brutal work. Many nurses would like to be working at a blood bank.  Are you just bored there?


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