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This is my first post and I'll try to keep it short. I'm 41 and graduated from nursing school in 1996. I only worked for one year before my husband issued the ultimatum...him or my job. He didn't like the fact that I was on 2nd shift and only had one weekend off a month. So, I chose him. That was a mistake as he left me a few months ago for another woman! Anyway, I ran my parents' business for six years and I really want to re-enter nursing. I have kept my license current and got another degree in Organizational Management. Does anyone have any tips on how I can go about finding a job? I haven't started looking yet and I'm not sure how to go about "selling" myself.

After reading some of the posts, I wonder if I'm crazy to even contemplate nursing! I guess I always believed there were nice people and nasty people no matter the profession.


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Well, if you're bound and determined that's what you want to do....although I can almost completely assure you that if you're running your parents' business you get a lot more respect and freedom there than you will as a nurse. But whatever suits you. I ran into a similar situation after the nursing influx and advent of managed care in 1995-96 caused nurses to be laid off everywhere you turned. Nobody was hiring. At least, nobody in my geographical area (within 100 miles). Two years I was out of work, and it really blew me away when one DON, not recognizing the world out there, insinuated to me that my license must have been suspended or something if I wasn't employed as a nurse at the time (it wasn't, never has been under any kind of disciplinary action) and when I assured her that was not the case, she said, "Well, you might as well go ahead and tell me because I'm going to find out anyway" What a WITCH! BUT you do have an advantage now because of the current desperate shortage. I would suggest NOT jumping into something crazy and full force, like a hospital floor. Maybe something that will provide you with the orientation and skills necessary to re-enter the world. Home health, MD office, I personally enjoy hemodialysis and got a thorough 10- week training having never worked in dialysis before, and that included two weeks of classroom theory. But it just sounds to me like you have done really well for yourself and I'm sure you could find yourself better fulfilled OUTSIDE of work if you keep your nursing to part-time and really pursue what you're educated to do. ESPECIALLY if you have any ideas of dating in the future....

Good luck!



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Welcome back and I am sure you won't have a problem finding someone who wants you even without recent experience. Start with whatever hospital, clinic, facility is close to you and start calling or checking their website to see who is offering re-entry programs or new graduate internships. Many places will train you work in the area that interests you and assign a preceptor or mentor. Take your time and try to interview at several places and see what seems to "fit" with you.

Good luck!


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"I wonder if I'm crazy to even contemplate nursing!"

And what did you decide? I'd suggest SERIOUSLY considering sticking with what you are doing now and building on that.

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If you care to relocate for a time, the hospital where I work has a RN refresher program that I just completed after being out of nursing almost six years myself. "PM" me if interested! :)

In Texas you have to take a refresher course if you have not practiced for several years. One is offered online thru Kinda expensive but gives you confidence.


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We all must be crazy to be in this business, but there is something about it. I wouldn't do anything else. I love it. I get so upset sometimes about all of the stuff going on but if I really hated it I would do something else.

Welcome back!! It really is a great profession and interesting, always something going on, never boring!!

Welcome to the board smily. There are plenty of opportunities to work in Kansas!


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Thanks for the responses. I am ready to take the plunge back into nursing. I don't think I'd be happy unless I did. I realize it will take some work to get a position I am satisfied with. Just looking in the paper I see there are so many positions available. I will just have to put in the effort to find a facility that is willing to work with me. Now that my daughter just graduated from H.S. I can really work any shift and at least I won't have any conflicts. I'll keep coming here for advice and I'll let you know how it's going. Thanks again!

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Good luck to you smilyone! :balloons:

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