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This is my 3rd time to take the NCLEX-PN. I am scared to death and worried. I just received my eligibility from CA this morning. Part of me is excited again that i will be able to sit for the exam after waiting for 45 days. NOW, i am scared to death to schedule it. I have a plan already how to study and all that. But after failing twice its gets me the chill that i am facing another one..i dont want to be a negative but This EXAM really get into my nerves and sometimes i just want to puke...sorry!! Anyways, my problem is HOW will i pass it this time. My confidence is really LOW. I've got good adviced from a friend whos already a doctor from being a RN for many years...HOW will i do this?? How will i pass and move on with my life and be a nurse that i want to be....Please any advice of help would be much appreciated...THANKS...


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Surround yourself with positive people!!! Have a daily devotional with someone! Make a study calendar and have a partner who will keep u motivated!!! Sick with one book and don't overload yourself! This is working for me!! Also don't speak negative! Say i am going to pass and believe in urself!!!!!!!!

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