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3rd time taking nclex need help plz

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Hey all, I took nclex in January I used a little saunders and some hurst review to study and came out with a near passing in every subject. I thought to myself no big deal I can knock this test out of the park next time. So second attempt comes @ I went out of town to stay with my brother to study for a month no car no fun no distractions of home and friends just studied in his office or at the local coffee shop. I used ncsbn and kaplan q bank this time, finished both. My results came back I was below passing on 3 subjects and one of the subjects was one of my best ones. So now I am on round 3 and I now have the actually live kaplan course and I guess resort back to saunders for practice questions. So my question to everybody is am i missing something is there anything else out there i should be using ? I feel like I have become stronger at answering questions but I guess not strong enough and now the test is increased in difficulty.

thanks all

Did you do the Kaplan trainers and do you go over the rationales? And also PDA lacharity is also a great book. Which areas were you below passing? I also did hurst review and they were great for content!

below passing in safety and infection control, health promotion and maintenance, and basic care and comfort. Also yes i look at all rationales and write them down in my note book so i am not just reading and if i dont know something i look it up and write it down. i will look in to lacharity thank you :)

o and the kaplan trainers is what i am doing now so hopefully that will help.

Ohhh good!!! Yesss those really helped me!!! I ranged from 59%-63% in the trainers..and did exactly what ur doing...I had a whole notebook full of rationales. And PDA I rented from BN for only $14...good luck to u!! Third time is a charm!!

When you get to QT 6 and 7 those are all application and analysis questions...

sweet thanks so much ! :)

Bella is right, your missing LaCharity.....VERY VERY HELPFUL!!!! and look at that 36 page review thats on here. that helped me on my 4th take. good luck!

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Where can I find this 36 page review?
check out this link....https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/passed-my-nclex-750555.html

You can do it!!! Don't give up...don't let it all go to waste...looking for the day you post that YOU PASSED!!!!