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took my nclex at 8am this morning took me 5 hours with 206 questions did the pvt trick but went to CC page?? im sooo over i dont know what materials to study anymore..IM SO HOPELESS :((((


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Take your previous failures and put them in a lockbox, lock it, and hide the key. Take this week to relax and grieve. Once you get your test results look at the areas your weak in and focus on those. You had 206 questions so this means you wear near to passing, you must have known something for the computer to continue on and give you more questions.

Get a calendar and a review book and make yourself a schedule to prepare for this. Look at it as a test, nothing more, nothing less. If you have the money to spend on a review course, then sign up for one to jump start yourself. Otherwise, submit your application and set a date one or two months out and get to it. Start with the first chapter in the review book. Once you map out a plan and start working your plan, you will feel better about this.

Remember: NCLEX is not just teaching content because it is nearly impossible to learn everything. It literally is. NCLEX wants to see if you have the ability to think as a nurse which is delegate, prioritize, and critical thinking skills. It is not about how many questions you practice on, but really if you understood why you got the question incorrect. For every question you got wrong, ask yourself why you chose that answer and what clues in the questions could have lead you to the correct answer. Thats was how I approach every incorrect practice question. I only do about 100 question a day because I spend a lot of time looking through my resources.

Be able to look at the NCLEX questions and literally break it down into fragments, and spot the hints. I hope this helps in some ways. Remember, NCLEX is hype way too much and that is what psychs people out. Think of it as just another nursing exam but with just a bit more different than just a content-filled exam.

Read through threads here, there is a ton of tips on study plans and resources. In the top right corner you can enter into the search box keywords to go by. Don't give up, you can do this. Good luck!


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Thank you so much for the encouraging words! I will and will never give up :)


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Wishing you the best as you continue on with the journey!!


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ill keep you in my prayers.


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Dust yourself off and start! The past is the past..cant do anything about it. Now MOVE forward. If you don't believe in yourself you can't win. So, believe you WILL WIN and you WILL!

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