Rational as to why I think I failed..



I know everyone feels they failed the nclex when they walk out, but I am trying to explain to my friend why I think it is a rather ominous sign that I likely did fail. For the most part, many of my questions appeared to be lower level (knowledge questions rather then application and analysis). Then at 75, my question was a lab value question (sadly, I think I even got it wrong). At 82, my screen switched off. So I keep trying to explain that at 75 I was at "almost failing"...and then 7 questions later it was a sealed deal (the test was now sure I was at the failing level with 95% certainty). Sure, maybe there is some hope, but I think getting that lab values (very low level) question at 75 is a fairly decent indicator of not performing at high enough levels to pass. Does my rational make sense to anyone else?

I know my friends are trying to keep me being positive, but I'm a notorious realist...


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You never know how you did until you get the results. The formula for passing or failing is so convoluted that no one knows the real deal on the grading criteria. Dont worry about what you cant control and just wait for the results and enjoy your time and take a much deserved break from nursing academia ( I say this now, but I take the test Saturday and am sure I will feel as you do).


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Keep your spirits up!

I took mine yesterday, have no idea if I passed or not, just so glad it is OVER!!

Now am anxiously waiting for my results, trying to pass the time without too much stress - ha ha ha

And as for the lab value - you're just don't know, it's just a computer with randomized questions....and you happened to get a lab value for the last one...

To top it off, who knows which questions count and which are "prospective" questions....


PS: post when you get your results!!


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I took my test yesterday as well. It is the MOST nerve racking wait of my life, but you have to do just that....wait. It is easy to psych yourself out and be second guessing your ability when you are under this much stress, but you are likely to be dwelling on the things you didn't know or think you may have been answering incorrectly and not thinking about the many other things you did know between 0-75. Easier said then done, trust me, I know.

Good luck to you ;)


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To top it off, who knows which questions count and which are "prospective" questions....

Exactly. 15 of the questions don't count. They're tryout questions for future NCLEX exams. So I don't think you can read too much into the kind of questions you were getting towards the end. For all you know ... some of them may have been tryout questions that didn't count at all.



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sigh...yea...maybe....(still doesn't buy it).

Regardless, I will post when I know. I "heard" that I might be able to get them tomorrow. If not, then Monday. I will post when I know.


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so what ever happened odman? How did you do on the NCLEX? I took mine yesterday and I feel the EXACT SAME WAY!!! Mine shut off around 79 or so....not sure cuz it caught me off guard when it shut down, so I didn't see what number it was. I'm guessing based on how bummed I was that it kept going past 75!!! Please let me know, maybe that will help me to prepare for what is to come......

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