Ran out of time. please help, don't know what to do.


Hi everyone,

I just took my NCLEX couple of hours ago, time expired at 206 questions. used up all 6hours. Got tons of prioritization questions, ecg strips, one exhibit questions, and about 15 SATA. what do i do? has anyone passed with expired time. please help.



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They say that the NCLEX judges the last 60 questions if you ran out of time to determine if you pass.


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That's exactly what it says that they mark the last 60 questions to determine, look on the bright side, you were not failing at this time as the computer would of shut you off, however the computer could not say with 95% accuracy that you were passing either! So now they will look at your test and see how many questions you got right at above the passing level and hopefully you will have done enough to pass :) try not to stress , I know easier said than done, I stayed awake for 2 days before finding out I passed through quick results, good luck :)


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Thank you!! waiting is definitely making me so anxious. i do hope and pray that there will be a miracle that i will pass. i shall wait and see. Thank you again for the information @suzy12 and @TheAverageMan .. If i don't pass then ill just have to keep going and not give up..


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Thank you!!


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Thank yoU!

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This is how they'll score your attempt. Since you ran out of time (ROOT) and you completed at least the minimum and less than maximum:

  • If you have at least answered the minimum amount of items, the computer reviews your last 60 ability estimates:
    • If your last 60 ability estimates were above the passing standard, you pass.
    • If your ability dropped below the passing standard, even once, during your last 60 items, you fail.

This does not mean you must answer the last 60 items correctly. Each ability estimate is based on all the previous items that you have answered.

The above is directly copied/pasted from: https://www.ncsbn.org/5912.htm


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Thank you for this information!! i took my time so much that i didn't think i would ran out of time. I didn't try the PVT trick that what is everyone talking about here, i will just wait for 48 hours. :(