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  1. TheAverageMan

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    Oh man, I haven't been in this thread of mine in a long time. Since I started working in April 22 in a Skilled Nursing Facility, I worked there for 5 months. I am now upgrading to a State run facility as a LVN. Better benefits, and about 29 per hour. Skilled Nursing Facilities are brutal by the way. Low budget, for profit, LVNs, CNAs, and all floor nurses as disposable employees. People come for experience, and go ASAP. Don't get stuck in there, keep applying for better places, or else the bad habits from a SNF will stick with you. I'll be entertaining questions here. PM me for my email if you need some specific help.
  2. TheAverageMan

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    Man, it's been a while since I've visited All Nurses. Got the email that someone replied to my thread. Here's an update on my current situation, with the same timeline December 4 application sent. December 5 requested declaration form. December 11 received declaration form, started fillig out. December 15 declaration form sent. December 16 checks cashed out. January 30 got my "ATT", which will be generated when I make a Pearson Vue account they said. February 7 I scheduled to take the NCLEX PN at the end of the month, which was the closest date available. February 25, Exam day at 8 AM. Came in at 7 AM, first to get a number, they let me start the exam process at 7:30 AM. Was done outside the building by 9 AM, finished at 85 Questions, the minimum. March 11 to 18, about 2-3 weeks later (I forgot the exact date) received the official pass letter, which had the form to fill out and like 150 dollar fee to get my license, sent it out same day March 27 is listed as my official date of being license on the site's verification thing April 22, started working as a LVN in a skilled nursing facility
  3. TheAverageMan

    Retake nclex rn CA BON

    Dang. You might, just might get a bad reply from the BON. You should just call them up, to see what's happening. As you well know for IENs, hopefully it doesn't happen to you, like how it happened to a few Filipino applicants I've seen here on AllNurses. Some applied, got approved to take between 2011 and 2012, they took it, failed, reapplied for a 2nd take, and got hit with the concurrency issue. The worst one I saw was a guy who applied, passed the NCLEX-RN, then got a job as an RN, and the CA-BRN sent him a letter saying they made a mistake and are revoking his license due to the concurrency issue. (Brutal, but can't fight it, BRN can revoke if they feel like it)
  4. TheAverageMan

    NCLEX RN on January 2015

    I did my self review from September to November, I didn't spend a single dollar, I did Saunders computer program, and thePoint, 100ish questions a day, 5ish days a week. I would drill answer 100 questions from like 9 AM to 10:30 AM. Then watch TV series till like 4 or 5 PM. Then rationalize them from 5 to 6 PM. Then watch more TV series. Pretty chill schedule, but when you look at it in the long run, it adds up in numbers. 20 days a month, 100 questions a day, for 3 months, that's about 6000+ questions. All from Saunders and thePoint. One or two weeks before I did the actual exam, I did the Q Trainers 1-5 and 7 (Didn't have 6). I used them last, because they are somewhat building endurance from answering 75, 75, 100, 150, 150, 265. For the 75-100 item questions, I did those in the same manner of answer in the morning, ratio in the afternoon. For the 150s, it took more time, so I would answer in the morning, and ratio earlier in the afternoon. As for the 265, I answered from 8 AM, to 1 PM to replicate my actual exam time. A dry run if you will. I literally treated that day as my actual NCLEX day. Woke up early, showered, drank a ton of coffee, ate the same breakfast I planned to eat on the real exam, wore jeans and the same clothes in the house, to make it as similar to the way I would be taking the actual exam. I even simulated the breaks, and ate a protein bar, which I also brought to the exam day. I then relaxed after 1 PM that day, and rationalized them all the next day with a fresh open mind. Got 60% from that 265 Q Trainer 7. It was then like 2 or 3 days until my exam. Super chill mode by that time. Look at a few EKG strips, look at normal values, watch a bunch of TV series, eat a bunch of food, get a lot of sleep, and relax. Come exam day, I did what I trained myself to do. Wake up, shower, eat and all, go to the exam location (Also scouted out before hand). Preparing like that, it's in your head "3 months of preparing, I so got this". When you sit down and start your exam. Do what you've been doing for the past few months, which is answering the questions to the best of your ability, the same way you've been answering during your training. Repetition and mental reflex. Like Rambo said, "Killings' as easy as breathing", except it's towards answering questions, it's what you've been trained to do, and that's when I knew I was ready. Lol you get the metaphor.
  5. TheAverageMan

    Average Review Scores Please

    Hello Karies. I made a guide for the new PVT. Here's the link. https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/new-pvt-guide-962466.html It's pretty detailed, so just do your best to follow it, and also use the free visa gift cards you can get online. I never did the Q bank, just the Q Trainer exams 1-5 and number 7. I got them all for "free" online, with my google skills. However, I wasn't able to get a hold of number 6. As for PrepU, keep on trying to get those level 8s, just keep drilling daily. Good luck on your exam on January 27. Go in there confident, and keep on drilling. I'm a strong believer in repetition, and that's what you should be doing. Good luck.
  6. TheAverageMan

    help? identogo ?

    Filipino? I did that for Texas and passed te clex rn earlier this month. Anyways, I dont think you can do identogo without a SS. Based on experience, the people replying in the emails aren't as knowledgable as the ones on the phone, so it would be better to call, even though the wait time is usually 30 minutes+. But the timezones will make it hard for you. Try asking for a supervisor in the email and explain your situation specifics. Thats the best move i can think of for you.
  7. TheAverageMan

    question regarding application for nclex exam

    True. She didn't mention her immigration status,.
  8. TheAverageMan

    question regarding application for nclex exam

    Yeah, cgfns doesnt require it, but when you submit your app to NY BON, it has a spot to put SS number somewhere, same when i did my CES with cgfns. And get one not just for licensing, but just to have a social security number already, ahead of time. You'll need it in the future for a job application, banking, taxes and all. Since your in the US already, might as well get one sooner than later.
  9. TheAverageMan

    question regarding application for nclex exam

    I suggest you go to a local social secuity office and get a social security number that you write on your application i think. Just bring your passport and i94 paper.
  10. TheAverageMan

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    Someone posted that when they called on december 17, they were processing october 16 i think.
  11. TheAverageMan

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    December 4 application sent. December 5 requested declaration form. December 11 received declaration form, started fillig out. December 15 declaration form sent. December 16 checks cashed out. Seems to be moving along quite well. Ill just update here if anything happens.
  12. TheAverageMan

    cgfns personal information

    I think that only asks if you tried working as a nurse, or something that requires a license that you currently do not have. Working as a RN, without a RN license is illegal, I think that's what they're trying to catch. If it's a retail job, then it doesn't count.
  13. TheAverageMan

    So I couldn't take it anymore and I did PVT

    https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/new-pvt-guide-962466.html The guide has a mini guide of how to get a free visa gift card online from someone else, find the ones with the name included.
  14. TheAverageMan

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    I also got my yellow declaration form today. Here's a few emails I had with them a few days ago, while I was trying to figure out how I would fill out the declaration form. They said. They said. I said They said. I said, to clarify. They said. So you can interpret it as you will. I will go with the lump sum method, but I'll list the dates together per hospital. Like if I had one hospital where I had 10 rotations, then I would write down the 10 rotation dates below it, like this. I do plan to print it out like that filled out, and staple it to the declaration form, saying "Refer to attached paper". Hope that helps.
  15. TheAverageMan

    So I couldn't take it anymore and I did PVT

    Congrats, good pop up. Should have checked my guide a few threads down, because it has a part that helps you get a visa gift card, without buying one.
  16. TheAverageMan

    My CA-LVN Timeline

    Yeah, it should be faster, because there's no down time for when they send you the declaration form and you respond to it. I have to deal with it now, with following up with them saying I sent it ahead of time. Hope this guide helped you out.

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