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Hi, I just want to know if anyone here is on the same boat as I am.. I took my NCLEX RN test in CA on 11/25. It has already been a week yet I still haven't received or heard anything yet from the boards. I check my mail everyday but nothing and I also check Breeze (praying for miracles that my name would pop up). Is it because of the holidays last week that this could have possibly happened? I don't want to rely on the PVT because I've heard instances from others that it's not accurate now. On top of that, I just want to rely on my prayers that maybe God has done miracles because I've heard of other people's stories that ran out of time and still passed. This was my 3rd attempt on taking the NCLEX.. The first two attempts, I got really discouraged and wanted to give up. Thankfully my family and friends were there to help me get back up and push me to reach my dreams. I've also been praying for this. I just really want to become an RN so I can move forward. Anyway, I thought that the test was very difficult in my opinion. As I said, I ran out of time with 250+ of questions. I was so drained after the test. My test consisted of 25+ SATAs, plenty like 50+ priorities/triage with bolded words on the questions such as "first", "immediately", etc, good amount of delegation, conference, therapeutic comm, some meds showing s/e to patients, 2 med math, 2 pictures. My last question also turned out to be a therap comm SATA. I don't know what that means but right now all I can hope for is miracles. I've heard of stories from people that ran out of time and passed and I'm praying that I did too. God can only decided in the end of it all, right? I know the last 60 questions are counted and they see if you stayed above the passing line. I'm crossing my fingers. It's going the ne the 9th day of waiting tomorrow and no news of results yet. Anyone on the same boat?


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The breakdown of question types means nothing. It's more about the kinds of questions you were being asked- delegation/prioritization versus more basic facts, lab values, signs and symptoms of diseases, etc.

They were more of Prioritization/delegation and application. From what I can recall, I didn't really get a lot of knowlwdge based question, if that's what you meant

They were more of Prioritization/delegation and application questions. From what I can recall, I only got a few of knowledge based questions, if that's what you meant. I also got a lot of therap comm


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A week is too early to expect to see your license posted on the CA BoN website; they are notoriously slow. It can (and frequently does) take several weeks to get your results via mail even. Unfortunately, since that BoN doesn't participate in PV's Quick Results program.....you gotta just wait.

As for running out of time, yes people can and do still pass. When the maximum time is reached and you haven't yet completed the exam, the last 60 of your questions are what is used to determine pass/fail: if you have demonstrated within that time that you are above the passing standard, you will pass. If you are below the passing standard....you will fail.

Hang in there. People have passed and failed with every number from minimum to maximum, running out of time, you name it.

Good luck!