Raising my GPA by taking an alternate class?


Hey guys new member here. Hopefully you guys can help me out here.

I am a pre nursing student in CA. I have taken all my prereqs except for Psysiology (planning to take it next semester), I have all As on my sciences and math right now; however I got all Bs on my English prereqs which dropped my overall GPA SIGNIFICANTLY:no: (A LOT). English is my second language so stuff like speech and grammar really is not something I am good at but I will definitely do anything to try to boost my GPA UP. So I guess my question is: Is it possible for me take an alternate class that is equivalent to my English prerequisite so I can boost up my GPA? for example, I had a B in Speech, the school also offers an Interpersonal Communication class which is in the same category requirement with speech. Will I be able to raise my GPA by taking that alternate class?

Thank you so much for your help.


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That depends on your program. There's no question you CAN take the class and raise your overall GPA. But does your overall GPA matter for the program you want to enroll in? Some programs won't look at your overall GPA, and only look at the GPA for specific class(es), or for required pre-req's, so taking something outside those won't matter even if it raises your overall GPA. So really depending on your program, that B might not even matter.


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Yea unfortunately the nursing programs I am applying to looks at English grades. However, there are different classes that fits that category and the student only has to choose one. Since I had B on one of them, maybe I could take the alternate one and ace that and raise my GPA right?

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How many credits do you have so far? That'll determine how much your GPA will really boost. If you have 15 credits, it'll help more but if you have 50 then not so much. A B isn't bad at all especially if it's your second language, but I admire you wanting to do better.


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Any non math/science class could be used to raise your non math/science GPA along with your overall GPA, I don't think you need to limit yourself to English type classes.

Possibly speak to your advisor for a good non English class to take. Classes such as music/art appreciation probably have essays to write for assignments. Although instructors will take off points for improper grammar, they will not be as critical as an English professor would be.

Getting a B in English as a second language may be looked at more favorably than if it was your native language.

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Definitely talk to an advisor, but usually taking a class that requires the first class as a pre req can be used (ie English II) etc


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in most programs that I have looked into it can.....

I had a C in a humanities class but needed an A in a humanities or visual/performing arts for the points in on my application. I took art appreciation and made an A and it replaced that C....also raised my overall GPA.

I would find another class that will be considered for the GPA for your applications....one that you know you can ace...and go for it (after checking with your advisor and making sure it will help you of course since I don't know how your specific school/program works)