Rady Children's New Grad Program Summer 2023

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Hello! With the Summer Cohort Application opening tomorrow, I wanted to start a topic here! For everyone to start off: share what units you are applying for! I will be doing the ICU's and medical! Best of luck to everyone!! 

Hi there! I just applied to the surgical unit, medical unit, and child & adolescent psych services. Good luck everyone!

To Onco and CICU! We got this!

Applied to Hem/Onc, CICU, and emergency. Good luck everyone!

Hi everyone! This is my second time applying for Rady's (and likely my last), I applied for the ICUs, but hoping for NICU! Good luck guys! ? 

Hi! I applied to Surgical, NICU and PICU, good luck! ??

Goodluck everybody! I applied to ED, Surgical and Hem/Onc. Did everyone get an e-mail today abt confirmed receipt?

Yes! Good luck to you too! 

Yes! I got the email yesterday morning - so exciting! Are any of you finishing your last semester or internship right now?Good luck again everyone! 

Good luck to everyone! I am sending good vibes your way! I applied to NICU, PICU, Hemonc, and Medical but will be happy with any unit. We got this!

Hi! Has anyone heard anything yet? 

sunnyside22 said:

Hi! Has anyone heard anything yet? 

I had my interview on Monday

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