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Rady Children's August 2015 New Grad


Hi All, has anyone received any status changes or calls for interviews for the 2015 August New Grad program? If so when and what for? Thanks in advance! Let's keep each other posted since the waiting process can be tough!


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Hey! I applied and have not heard anything yet : / The waiting is killing me!

Hey hughelau, same here! What unit did you apply to? I applied to Medical. I know they started interviews for ED already but I don't know about the other units!

Hey! I applied to both the medical and surgical care unit and got a call yesterday for an interview with surgical! So that unit has started to make calls. Good luck to both of you!:up:

Thanks for the update SoSheDid! and thanks, good luck on your interview!!! :D If you don't mind me asking, are you an external or internal candidate? I'm external so I'm wondering if they have started on our applications yet. Thanks in advance!

Thank you! I am an external candidate and did not go to nursing school in CA, I am from San Diego though. I was shocked to even be considered for an interview as an external candidate from a school out of state. There is hope for all of you other external candidates!

Has anyone heard from the ACU/CVICU or Heme/Onc?

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I applied to Heme/Onc and Surgical... My status changed a week or 2 ago to "..being considered to determine if you are one of most qualified applicants".. but I haven't received any call for interview yet. Fingers crossed!

Hey all! Sorry my post was so short last time, I was just excited to see that there was finally a thread for this! I applied to ACU/CVICU and Heme/Onc and have yet to hear anything either. My status changed about 2 weeks ago like SEO5's. Hopefully we all hear back soon! Good luck everyone!

I have't heard anything back either, my first choice was the NICU. I also have the same status change but no calls. It really is ridiculous that new grad programs take an average of 6-8 weeks to hear back. Good luck to everyone who applied!

Hey Phillygirl320, I know they started calling people for CVICU and NICU interviews today. Not sure about Heme/Onc though.

Has anybody (external) heard from Medical yet? I tried calling HR today several times but no answer... :/

Thanks for letting me know ApplePie15! Hopefully maybe I'll hear something Monday or Tuesday of next week. Not giving up hope just yet! Do you know if the people who got phone calls were internal or external applicants?

i believe they were both external! Yup, don't give up yet...hopefully we get calls too! :)

I am waiting to here back also from Heme/Onc. External. Finishing up nursing school in NYC but from CA & have a BS from SDSU also. Hope we hear back soon!!

Hey all! I just received a call to set up my interview for the Acute Cardiac Unit. So there is still hope to get calls :) Good luck everyone!!

Congrats Phillygirl320!!! When is your interview? :up:

Btw, for those waiting on Medical and Surgical, I was informed by HR that all the candidates who are to be interviewed have already been notified as of last Friday :(

It's tomorrow! I am doing it through skype! Send all good vibes my way!!