"You make a valid point youngster!"


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There's a thread I've been following where a young, new nurse has repeatedly responded in the most pleasant manner to the usual critics of young nurses. She sounds terrific to me in dealing with some of our crusty members who like to accuse new nurses of being snowflakes at the drop of a hat.

Speaking of which, I find new nurses no different than us oldsters. There are some people here who seem to think anyone under 35 is part of a hopelessly entitled generation. They have had different stressors growing up than we did, frankly, I'm glad I grew up in a less complicated era.

Many of the young nurses I work with are hard workers! Some of them are cliquey or know-it-alls too. In other words, they are the usual mix. But, just because they are struggling to find their niche and adjust to post nursing school realities, toxic workplaces, and an onerous system, doesn't mean they are paddy-assed babies.

It's easy, as we get older, to think that we belong to the greatest generation. Our parents thought the same. But, it ain't so...

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I sometimes read old letters, especially old wartime letters.

I am about 100% confident that every single generation states that the previous generation is spoiled and will be the end of society since forever.

I am sure some early homosapien was complaining about how these new youngsters with their fancy spears are so entitled and that back in their day they didn't have spears, just rocks. If you wanted to eat you couldn't throw some pointy stick you had to get up and close and bash that critter in the head. And his father complained to him that in his day they didn't have rocks, just dirt.


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No one is "always" or "never" anything.

That is the general wisdom when working with multiple generations.

I think that is as succinctly as I can say it.


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Asystole, you made me grin so much which I really needed this moment.

Those darn kids with their fancy fire. They probably tried to insult their parents by calling them Neanderthals.

And then they were grounded. "Go to your corner of the cave! No looking at cave drawings for you! And forget dinner! This sabertooth is all mine now!"

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I find that the older I get, the younger those youngsters are!

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Haha, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, and even Socrates all famously bemoaned the youth of their day...silly to think we'd stray from that looooong path.