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"Which job" advice from exp. nurses


Hey all, I am putting this here to hopefully get some opinions from the experienced nurses out there!

I dont know which hospital to choose. My ultimate goal is to completely relocate to another state in a few years (save $$ until then). Currently I pay ''rent'' - $100/month.

I just had an interview at Hospital A:

67 miles away (80 mins/way).

Teaching facility with over 600 beds.

1 Year minimum work commitment, two years before management will give recommendation

Two 8 hour shifts and two 12 hour shifts a week. $21/hr

My cousin works at hospital B, 69 miles (85 mins/way) in the opposite direction.

She talked with her manager, and they will most likely to hire me in October. I have not interviewed with them.

Magnet hospital, but is not a trauma / teaching hospital.

300 beds.

Three 12 hour shifts per week. $30/hr

I could stay with my cousin who lives 20 minutes away when working back to back.


The job market here is very tough (old news to everyone).

If offered a job at hosp. A and I accept, I will dedicate. I will not quit in october for the other hospital, But how can I decline an actual offer in hopes for a separate offer in october? Talk is cheap these days and things are very quick to change. However the lower wage and 4 day /week commute seems difficult.

Things to consider -

Commute to A is FOUR days a week.

No family/friends closer. I could rent a room, but the lower wage would prevent me from saving (as much) money due to that expense. However this facililty is a teaching / trauma center that is double the size. More specialized units due to size

Hosp B - Higher wage $9/hr more, 85 minute commute 3 days a week (or less if I stay with my cousin between shifts). Magnet status.

Would I be missing some good experience if I skip out on the teaching hospital?

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I assume you're recently graduated. I'm not going to presume to address which to select but only offer my experience in working at both teaching and community hospital. I feel I learned a lot more at the community hospital because we had to work so much more independently since we did not have access to immediate resources available at the teaching hospitals, especially doctor availability. I had to develop excellent skills in assessment, care planning, communication, jerry-rigging. The docs relied heavily on my assessments. We also didn't have the "teams" teaching hospitals have and had to do most procedures ourselves.

Good luck in your decision-making!

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I dont know which hospital to choose.
Have you received any firm job offers from any of these facilities? If not, apply to both of them. Moreover, apply to other places. Avoid putting all your eggs into one basket.

If you have already received offers of employment from these two places, I'd definitely pick the second hospital. An additional $9/hour equates to an extra $18,000 worth of wages yearly, and you'll be accruing that exalted acute care hospital experience. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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I'm a new grad, not an "experienced" nurse, per se, but based on the new grad market, I would go with where you actually have an offer. You CANNOT count on something that's not on paper (learned that one the hard way).

Call the manager at Hospital B and ask for an interview. DO NOT rely on this position until offer is in hand.

I completely agree with FLAlleyCat- you will get more experience doing stuff in a smaller hospital than you will in a teaching hospital. You will see a wider scope of patients, since the units aren't so meticulously specialized. You won't see as acute of patients, since those patients are often transported to major teaching hospitals, but for getting your feet wet and expanding your skill set and such, a smaller hospital isn't a bad thing. Not to mention the money. But again, offer in hand only.

Yes, I am recently graduated.

I have not received offers from either place, however I have applied to both (and many others).

I am (wishful) thinking I will get an offer from hospital A, that is why I've asked this question.


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The pay at hospital A is a joke. Trauma/teaching hospitals are not necessarily good or all they are cracked up to be.