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"They'll hire anybody!"


I'm a pre-nursing student searching for my first CNA job. I went to put in an application at a LTC facility and was invited to schedule an interview. During my visit an employee sat next to me and started talking to me. She told me not to worry because the facility will hire just about anyone. To me, that is a red flag. Should I even be concerned about this? What questions should I ask during my interview to bring this up? Is this the norm? I have no idea.

I did look the facility up the Medicare website to find that they were rated above average overall but below average in health inspection because of an issue residents rights, an issue is nutrition and dietary, an issue in quality care and three environmental issues.

I don't want to be so quick to accept any job offered in order to gain experience.


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Many LTC facilities have high employee turnover rates, especially for CNAs. This is not unusual by itself. It's due to the bust-ass nature of the work.

I agree. If you've heard good things about it, TAKE IT. Even the best nursing homes have high turnover rates (people go to nursing school, they move locations, burnout, change careers altogether, etc.). The best of the best LTC facilities don't pay as much as hospitals or even some home-care agencies, and unfortunately CNAs that get better offers elsewhere will most likely take the higher paying job. CNAs that work at LTC facilities tend to job hop, no matter where they are.

In your interview, ask about how the job satisfaction is for your position.

Also while you were there what was the work environment like. Did it feel pretty clean. Did you notice maybe the amount of CNA and nurses walking around. These type of things will help you as well to determine if the place would be a nice place yo work at.

I agree with the other PPs that it might be the reason the other CNA said they would hire anyone is they are always looking to make sure they are fully staffed not because it is a terrible place to work but there are always openings to be filled.

If you don't see many red flags that put your radar up of problems then I'd try working there. You can always quit if it turns out it is not the place for you and find somewhere different.

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If you get a chance to talk to another CNA or even a nurse when the interviewer is NOT around ask the employee what the moral is like.

Ask for a tour of the facility (even just a quick one). Take note of how the employees interact/or don't interact with the residents and each other. Do they walk by a resident without even acknowledging them?...if a resident reaches out or tries to interact with staff, how do they react? Are the CNAs looking wide eyed...or maybe even just standing around talking? (there is ALWAYS something to do when you're a good CNA).

I had to do a paper application for 2 different places. I took the opportunity to listen and watch while I filled it out without being too obvious. One place a cna demanded (not ask) that a resident sit down and wait for help in walking. In the other place, I noticed the cnas were greeting the resident's when they walked past them, offered to help direct them to the telephone/their room/activity. These small things can say much about what it's like to work there. I took a position in the 2nd place mentioned and I love working there.


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I wouldnt worry about it. CNAs are in high demand especially at long term care facilities. They usually have a lot of turn over because its a hard job and the burn out rate is high. As long as your certified ltc probably wont be choosy unless you have complaints or a good reason for not hiring a person.