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  1. rebellefleur

    May applicants waiting on ATT(Florida)

    I have the same date. Good luck!
  2. rebellefleur

    May applicants waiting on ATT(Florida)

    I got my approval today. Still no ATT but it's a step.
  3. rebellefleur

    May applicants waiting on ATT(Florida)

    They are very slow. I may have to forfeit my job offer because I still have not received approval or my ATT. Very stressful.
  4. rebellefleur

    May applicants waiting on ATT(Florida)

    Have you checked online to make sure that everything has been received? Mine said that they are still waiting on my school list. I applied April 23 and graduated May 5. I called the board and was told that they received our names from my school on May 29. As of this morning, they are still processing them but she said that it should be any day now. Maybe try calling to check your status. Hope this helps. :)
  5. rebellefleur

    Trouble getting a recommendation

    I wish I could ask the TAs because I spent a lot of time in the lab with them but it has to be the professor. I attended some office hours, communicated with my professors and did well but I never needed the attention that some others did so I never got to know them well enough that they'd know me personally and be able to speak to my character like the recommendation calls for. I never thought that being a self starter would cause me trouble.
  6. rebellefleur

    Trouble getting a recommendation

    How do students who attend large schools where you have 100+ students per class accomplish this? I never found going to office hours helpful because it was often rushed because of the number of students.
  7. rebellefleur

    Trouble getting a recommendation

    The program that I am applying for requires a letter of recommendation from an academic source within the university from the past two years. I have only been enrolled for a year and I haven't formed any relationship with my former professors that are substantial enough for them to be able to write a recommendation for me. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do?
  8. rebellefleur

    Feeling guilty about resident falls

    I'm a CNA in an assisted living facility. This is my first time working as a CNA. I have been off orientation for two days and a resident I was responsible for has fallen during both shifts. I work in an memory care facility and our residents often like to walk around the facility and the ones who require walkers often forget to use them. This is how the falls occur. I'm feeling extremely guilty because these residents were assigned to me. Is there a way to prevent these falls from happening? Is it normal for me to feel at fault?
  9. rebellefleur

    Two days of orientation?

    I received an offer to work as a CNA in a LTC facility. I was told that I would only receive 2 days of orientation so I would need to "learn fast." This seems short to me. Is it? Or is this standard? I'm not sure as though this would be my first position. I don't want to be set up to fail.
  10. rebellefleur

    Issues with references

    I interviewed for a CNA position in an assisted living facility. I think that the interview went well. The director told me that she intended to contact my references and get back to me. The problem is that I applied to the job a while ago. I have no idea what references were listed or if the information is still current. I'm sure that this will be a problem. Is it possible for me to let her know this or will that be seen as unprofessional?
  11. rebellefleur

    "They'll hire anybody!"

    I'm a pre-nursing student searching for my first CNA job. I went to put in an application at a LTC facility and was invited to schedule an interview. During my visit an employee sat next to me and started talking to me. She told me not to worry because the facility will hire just about anyone. To me, that is a red flag. Should I even be concerned about this? What questions should I ask during my interview to bring this up? Is this the norm? I have no idea. I did look the facility up the Medicare website to find that they were rated above average overall but below average in health inspection because of an issue residents rights, an issue is nutrition and dietary, an issue in quality care and three environmental issues. I don't want to be so quick to accept any job offered in order to gain experience.