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As a student I had an instructor who really intimidated me. I was older and was used to being more chummy with the profs than with my class mates but she would have none of that. Well, she wore starched whites every day. On one day I had to give some po meds down a keofeed (first time mind you) so I crushed (sort of) all 9 pills (including a mv with iron) and mixed them in a little (cold) water and proceded to (you guessed it) totally jam the tube.

Siezing the learning opportunity, she decided to teach me about using coke in a 60cc toomey to unjam the tube. I am a big guy and as I am pushing the plunger with all I am worth (can you see this coming) guess who is now in stark off whites. Did it not once but twice. Got her both times. I just wanted to die, we ended up replacing the tube.



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This happened in an animal hospital, but is too funny to keep to myself.

Barry was one of our "techs" and he was inherently lazy. A cat that died on his shift was supposed to be "left out" a.k.a. not frozen. So the owner could come pick up pet for burial or taxidermy or something (NYC eccentric pet owners).

Well, Barry didn't bother to read the chart so he threw (literally threw) kitty into freezer.

Owner comes next day :eek: to get her cat. Wouldn't you know one of that cat's rear legs was perpendicular to his body :rolleyes:

After much rooting around to find a large enough box to fit perpendicularly alligned leg (after a failed attempt of blow drying cat to warm up body), I had to bring cat out to the owner. That is when the case of the giggles started. I just could not stop laughing. I was sure that I could not hand over kitty without busting out laughing. I finally composed myself and brought kitty out to owner. That leg was pushing the box top up. It took all I had to keep from laughing right in the owner's face. :roll

BTW, Barry did the same thing to another cat that was supposed to be visited by the owner post mortem. We did use the blow dryer on this cat to try and straighten out its ear. Barry got accepted to Veterinary school!

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It was one of those nights where all h@#$ was breaking loose and a non-english speaking patient was brought in from and MVA on a back board. He indicated that he needed to go to the bathroom and the charge nurse told him he would have to use a urinal since his c-spine had not been cleared to allow him off the board. Well, needless to say he tried to argue with her that he needed to go TO the bathroom and she just insisted that he use the urinal. Later when she went back in the room, there was the urinal, full of BM! I don't think any of have ever let her forget that nor can any of us figure out how he was able to pull that off!:roll

Another time back when I was a tech in the ER, we had a patient brought in from a LTC basically dying. There wasn't much left that could be done for her except to hope her husband got there before she passed away. Well, the ER doc told me that I might as well do a one-touch on her to see what it was, so I went in to do that and she seemed really congested and having a hard time breathing so I suctioned her; well, at that point she sat straight up and then fell back dead! I walked calmly out to the nurses station and asked the doc if he still wanted that one touch done because the patient just died. Course, he went back in the room with me to confirm death which she was. The ER doc then looked straight at me and said "she was fine until YOU came in here!" I almost fell on the floor laughing after I got over the shock of what he said!:roll

Two stupid nurse tricks that I have done myself:

1) put an NG tube down and not plugged the end of it, spraying myself, the patient and the floor with stomach contents!

2) tried to take a patient to xray without unhooking the oxygen from the wall! (patient was on a nasal canula!):imbar :chuckle

So many other stories, so little time! Thanks for the laugh!


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:eek:look out! Dr, Barry's here! Poor animals, or should I say, "stiffs." :rotfl:

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