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This phrase is probably the most common request from any staff nurse, but seems to fall on more deaf ears than not. That being said, I had a job interview today, and this phrase was said from the DON interviewing me. I about fell off my chair. She did say "We staff according to census, but acuity plays a big part in it." I have NEVER had someone in management say that to me before. I spent almost two hours there talking w/ the DON, ADON, administrator, staff nurses, CNAs, and residents/patients, and I was truly overwhelmed by how wonderful it all seemed. This was for a rehab/NH. I played close attention to the CNAs, because honestly, you can tell a great deal how a place is by them, and every one that I saw seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

I just got the call a few min ago that they are offering me the position, and I really really hope it's going to be what I think it will be. Wish me luck!!!


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Good luck, and you are right you can tell a lot by the CNAS.


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Yes, if staff, especially CNAs seem happy, it's a good place to be!


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We used to staff by acuity on the computer. Every nurse was responsible for assessing their own pts! Then apparently corporate figured out it got in the way of "doing more with less" because it disappeared.

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my boss tells everybody she interviews that. and she is soooo full of it! lol

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I've been told that our charge nurses take acuity into account when making assignments, but from what I've seen, they're just doing their best to cover the floor with the nurses that staffing sends them. But, maybe your new employer really does do that. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

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